Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday already?

You know I want this week to go extremely slow. I am back at work on Thursday of this week. I can't believe this week is here. Why does summer have to fly,,and winter just creeps? Oh well,,at least I can access my blog from work,,lol. Its about the only place I can access,,the school Net Nanny doesn't let me go to my groups,,wah wah.
Well yesterday I finished a few Art Deck Cards, a deco page for a friends birthday, and a Alphabet ATC card. The Alphabet card is "B" this week,,so I made a "Baby Beth" card,,lol. Its a little blurry,,but I have always been blurry,,lol.
Hope everyone has a great Monday,,but please make it go slow!!!


Daisy Lupin said...

Love the cards, especially the Alice in Wonderland card. You will have to make the most of Tuesday and Wednesday. I know good times always fly by. I used to feel like that before I worked from home. Hope the weather is cooler for your return to work. Love xx

Janet said...

Oh, I'll set the clock on extra slow for you! Fun times always go by too fast.

Your cards are great. Your "Beth" card is so cute.

Cat said...

Great cards, I love the one w/ the mandolin. You do good art.

You asked me about joining an atc group/club... I'd love to some day - I've never belonged to any sort of art club or took any sort of class, nor do I know anyone (till I started bloggin) that likes to create! So it would be a whole new growing experience I am sure. Here's the "but"... I'm afraid the next few months are going to be transition times with the house - looking at fixing, selling, moving... so busy times, and no other commitments until next Spring. So I will ask you about it next Spring! Thanks! XO, Cat

Anonymous said...

Beth...these are all great and what a cutie patootie you are in the 'Baby Beth' card :0)