Wednesday, August 02, 2006

hotter than heck and non-creative

Why is it that today I am just so non-creative or motivated. I can only guess its the heat,,which is getting old quick. Well at least it isn't as bad here as it is up in NYC and Washington D. C.,,they are frying up there.
But today has just been very blah day for me. And to top that off,,my disc in my back has decided to act up,,so that means ice on it all day. I've tried to do some art cards,,but just can't get inspired. I wish I had some friends who lived close to me who loved doing art,,but I have none,,just my Mom. I mean I love having Mom close by and doing art with me,,but lately my step-father has been having some health issues,,and also has a jealousy issue about me. He never was this way up till the last 2 years,,and now,,he just seems to have a problem with me and Mom being close and doing things together. It really makes her feel bad,,and it does me too. I dont' know if its because he has such bad diabetes that it has affected his mind or what. But it really puts a damper on our fun together. And other than her,,I have no really close friends. The only other close friend that I had was my neighbor who lived next door, but she moved about 60 miles away last August,,and don't get to see her much.
I just miss having close friends to hang with and talk too.
Ok,,enough wah wahing,,and having a pity party,,lol. I guess its just the inferno heat thats got me in this frump.
They say a little cooler by the week-end,,I sure hope so. I want Kyle and Kalyn to come out and visit,,but they seem pretty busy with their lives right now too.
Mom and I were going to have some stamping friends over at her house on saturday,,but then my step dad had to have a cataract removed yesterday and he hasn't been real stable,,so Mom decided to cancel. So nothing to really look forward to this week-end either. Oh well,,maybe my back will feel better tomorrow,,and maybe my Muse will get more creative,,,I sure hope so.


Janet said...

Oh, Beth, I know just how you feel. All my friends live way far away from me and there is no one here to do crafts with.

I hope your back is doing better, and that the heat will leave soon. I REALLY know what that's like!! I think the heat is probably what is making you feel uncreative. Just hang in there.

Rosa said...

I'm going to join in on your pitty part. Whaa whaa whaa. I too don't have any really close friends that live here either. Whaa whaa whaaa. Hey, how far are you from Franklin, giggle. We could do our thang! I feel for you regarding your mom. It's hard when someone comes in between you and a loved one and that just isn't right. But, it does sound more like it's a medical condition. I'm sorry. Your mom may have to begin telling little white fibs in order to see you. You two can't separate, ever. That is a relationship that no one should ever touch, a mom and her daughter. Better weather coming our way.....sigh. I hope so. xoxo

Cat said...

Boy can I relate too! I think you just described life for soooo many of us, maybe that's why we blog?!

Wouldn't a big blogger reunion be great some day!

Well wishes, and may the creative juices flow again!

Daisy Lupin said...

oh Beth, email me for a chat if you feel down, and I'll email you back. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Love and Hugs xx

MariaJ said...

I feel exactly the same way sometimes...and I thought I was the only one. I think its a really pity for me too that I dont have any creative friends near me. 99 % of them dont like to do any art things....Beth you have to think positive. Tomorrow is another day and you have to have some boring days so that you can appreciate those nice ones. I hope your relationship with your stepfather will be better. If you try to talk with him...