Friday, September 01, 2006


Yes I do Love fridays,,espiecally when they start off a Long week-end !!! Ahhhhh,,not to have to get up at 5 a.m. for the next 3 days,,,YES!!! And the weather is going to be gorgeous here. Highs in the very low 80s and lows down into the low 60s,,now that is my kind of weather!!
Last night I got the camera out and took some pics of some of my flowers. I have the most prettiest yellow cosmos growing this year. Last fall I was over at my ex-mother-in-laws house and she has these all the way accross the fence in front of her house. They were full of seeds so I got a bunch of them. I planted them this spring and they are gorgeous now. And they come back every year. If any of my wonderful garden friends here like them I will gladly send you some seeds this fall.

They are up by the road and they are so tall,,the big zinnias are pretty with them too!

I also took a picture with the flash on of one of my roses that is blooming. Now that the weather is cooling down they will start to bloom again until late October.
So last night Daniel and I just sat out by the pond and listened to some good smooth jazz and really enjoyed the weather. It even sprinkled but we were sitting under trees and we didn't get wet. Its so nice to sit out there and chill after a long day of work. It is our little sanctuary. Here is a pic of my hubby,,the man that drives me crazy but yet makes me laugh so hard. He is my bestfriend and partner and makes our house look so good with his excellent carpenter skills.

He took the day off today and I took off at noon. We met at our favorite Mexican cantina and had some delicous Fajitas and a pitcher of frozen Margaritas,,,YUMMY!!! That was nice,,we love to do that together. Well I sure hope every one has a wonderfully nice long week-end. I know I will!


Cat said...

I LOVE FRIDAYS TOO!!!! Your date w/ your sweetie sounds great, mex food is the best - but I'll have a beer instead of a margarita (you know...I had just too much 2-kill-ya at a younger age).

Pretty flowers!

Jungle Jane said...

Wow love the flowers Beth! Did you ever get a chance to plant the cosmo seeds that I sent to you. You'd better believe we're going to have a good time...I knew you and your Mom were REAL people right off the hop!

Janet said...

Beautiful flowers! I'm jealous!!

Your hubby looks like a nice guy; and a date for mexican and margaritas sounds just about perfect to me.

Have a great, long, relaxing weekend.