Sunday, August 20, 2006

Back to blogging!

So its been a few days since I have posted,,just been a little bit busy,,lol. Of course you know that I forgot the camera on thursday,,took it with me on friday,,but got so busy, I didn't take pics of my office. LOL! But,,,I did take a couple of pictures of the my morning commute and how awesome the sun looks on that ride into work. I live west of Nashville, when I leave at 6:15 in the mornings,,the sun is just starting to peek up over the hills. Its usually a big Orange Ball. It looks so cool! It doesn't look so big in these pics.

Well on friday we did a head count at school. Which means we counted how many students we had in school this week. Our numbers were good, 1200 students, which means we will not lose any of our teachers. That is good!
So,,friday afternoon,,I went and picked up Mom so she could spend the night with me. We had a great time! We worked on so many art projects!!! She stayed until 3 yesterday afternoon. We made some neat necklaces and bracelets yesterday. We made them out of paper beads! You would not believe how cool they look. I will post some pics of them later today or tomorrow.
Mom and I have so much fun together,,our creative input together is always great!
When I came back from taking Mom home, Daniel and I went out and watched our pet spider. We have named her Charlotte(Charlotte's web-my favorite childhood book). She is a wonderful spider,,and so pretty! It is amazing to watch her. When she gets a visitor to her web,,she immediatly goes straight to it and wraps it in silk,,so it will not be leaving her web. She will sometimes have as many as 3 or 4 "snacks" waiting for her in the web. OK,,so I found a hugh grasshopper dining on one of my petunias which I did not appreciate. Daniel helped escort it to Charlotte's house,,she was very appreciative of the big snack! I had to take a few more pics of her and her "hopper delight".

So how many people do you know that have spiders for pets? lol. She is just a special spider,,what can I say? She helps out with pest control!
Today I am going to try to go out and work in the yard for while. Its really humid and muggy outside. We are suppose to get some much needed thunderstorms by the afternoon. My flowers look terrible because of the heat and no rain. This time of year I don't fret about them too much,,but the weeds are starting to take over. Daniel is going to use the weed eater and help me out. After that I am going to work in the art room for the rest of the day.
Hope every one has a great sunday!!!


Naturegirl said...

I like that you stop and enjoy the simple gifts of life!You are a happy soul from what we can see through your posting! :>)

Janet said...

Charlotte looks very happy and content! I doubt she will be leaving since she is getting help gathering "snacks"!!!

I would love to see your paper beads. I used to make those. I'll have to give it a try again soon.

Daisy Lupin said...

Love Charlotte, the spider, you're right its about this time of year, we just let the garden get on by itself and not worry about it. It turned quite warm again today, so I spent part of the afternoon reading in the garden. love and hugs xx

vicci said...

Beth...the sunrise is favorite time of day! I won't destroy spider's webs....I think they are so beautiful!

Maryellen said...

Funny, we both take pictures while behind the wheel. And Charlotte is beautiful. I'm going to send you a link to my Webshots album of my drive on Saturday, if you care to see the entire trip. So if it says Webshots, it's not SPAM. Just me, sharing fotoz.