Saturday, August 05, 2006

Steamy Saturday!!!

Yesterday was a busy day. I went up to my Mom's and stayed with my step-dad while she went to the beauty shop and grocery store. He has been really unstable since his cataract surgery,,it messed up his blood sugar(he has diabetes), and she didn't want to leave him alone as he might could fall. So while I was there I cleaned up her house really good for her. Then Daniel took off early from work and he came up there.
Now I know that I have the best husband in the whole world,,and he proved it even more to me yesterday. My step-father had been working on some hand rails for their front porch steps before he had his eye surgery this week. They have some very steep steps that go up to their deck that they were using to go into the den. Well Mom has parkinsons and he is very unstable when he walks too. I was really worrying about them using those steps. Their front porch on has 2 steps but they needed hand rails to be able to use those steps. So,,,sweet Daniel took the day off and came up there to build the hand rails. Well we had the worse thunderstorms and heavy rain as soon as he got there,,but that didn't stop him. The front porch was covered and there are big trees that kept some of the rain off of him,,but he still got soaked. He worked his butt off on those rails and they turned out so nice. I stayed out there and helped him and kept him company,,but I stayed under the porch,,lol.
We got 3 inches of rain in 2 hours yesterday,,it was really nasty. And the best part of the whole story is,,I didn't even ask Daniel to come up there and do that,,he just wanted to do it as he didn't want my parents to fall and hurt themselves. So thats what really touched my heart! And they were so thankful for him doing that too!
I got home last night and I had recieved my "Shades of White" chunky book. It is absolutely gorgeous,,I will post pics of it later. Then today I got my Quilt Art page from my swap. And it is so beautiful too. I love it,,but it makes the page that I did look very amauter,,lol. I will post pics of it later too.
For now I will get off here and go do some artsy stuff,,having to rest my back as I did a little too much yesterday and its a little more sore today.
I will post later with pics! Have a great saturday!

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Janet said...

You have got yourself a good hubby! What a nice thing for him to do all on his own. I'm glad they appreciated his hard work.

Did the rain cool things off or just make it worse?

I love seeing your artwork and I bet it isn't amateurish at all.

Take care of yourself and get some rest. My daughter hurt her back yesterday so I have to keep an eye on you and her!! :-)