Sunday, September 24, 2006

Great time last night!!

I haven't posted in several days, mostly because of being really busy,,and because of the weather. But last night I didn't post because I went to an awesome concert at the Ryman Auditorium. I went with my niece and her husband, we went to see "Nickel Creek". They are one awesome bluegrass/rock band! It was a absolute great concert. The Ryman is a very old building in downtown Nashville that use to be a church back in the early 1900s. Then the Grand Ole Opry was held there for many, many years. They built a new auditorium at Opryland and for many years the Ryman sat unused and run down. They refurbished it several years ago and it looks very close to the same as it did when it first started. Old wood church pews in side,,and very intimate. The accoustics are amazing and one of the best venues to see a concert. And being in Nashville the band had several other muscians come up and before with them on the stage, one of them was Bella Fleck from the Flecktones,,whom I love!
The pictures are not the greatest because you could not use your flash inside during the concert. As you seen they had very few instruments,,but boy was the music delightful. Below is a picture of my niece Emily and I inside the Auditorium.
Before the concert we went out to eat at a great restaurant downtown. The after that we walked around downtown Nashville. If you have never been there its all bars and famous restaurants. It rained on us but we had umbrellas. We walked down to the water front park and I made a picture of Emily and A.J.,,the Titan's football stadium is in the background across the river.
So I just had a wonderful night last night.
Yesterday I spent most of the day finishing several projects that I had been working on.
I finished my "Daisy friendship quilt piece" for Lisa which I will mail out tomorrow. I am pretty pleased with the piece and I am hoping that Lisa will like it. She said that she didn't mind that I post it here. So here it is.
I also finished my "chunky book" pages for October's chunky page swap in one of my groups.
I did like the way they turned out too. For me to like 2 things that I created in one day is unusal,,I am very critical of my art and always unsure of it,,but love it when I do approve,,my own worse critic,,lol.

Today I have to finish another quilt page for another swap that I am in. I also want to work on some ATCs to swap with my good blogger friend, Rosa. And some greeting cards for some other friends who have sent me some nice fall cards.
The weather today is so nice after a rough past 2 days of high humidity and high winds, and storms and flooding rain. Driving home last night after the concert was not fun,,I hate driving at night in the rain as I can't see very well at all,,but I made it.
I hope all my friends are having a great week-end!


Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

Beth, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Omg, please don't second guess your art!!Everything you do is amazing. I know about that inner critic, I have to get out the duct tape sometimes to shut it up!
I am having a hard time holding off sending my blocks out - I sent out an email in that regard.
Queen of impatience when giving

vicci said...

Sweetie Bethie....I'm so glad you had a good time at the concert! Sounds like fun!!! I LOVE the pictures...especially of you and your look great!!!! AS you know I finally got the hutch in the art room...holy smokes!!! I have tons of work to do now! I've been missing you...and wondered what happened to you last week! I see you have been busy!Have a good day Bethie...

Maryellen said...

I absolutely love blue grass. The pic of your niece and you looks like the lights are fairys swirling around in the room. Glad whatever filled you week (you said life got in the way) has let you get back to art. You said you'd like to trade. So did Vicci want to. How does one go about getting in groups, and how does "trading" work? Do you say which ones you want by my posts, or do you just be surprised? I am a toddler here and do not know the ropes at all. But I am already working on a second one,and have ideas for a third crawling about in my brain.

Daisy Lupin said...

Bethie, I just love the friendship piece, I know Lisa will be thrilled with it. That looks like a really good concert you went to, could you get up and dance or was it just a place to tap your feet? I hope you are having a lovely weekend. xx

Rosa said...

Love the pics of Nikel Creek! Anything at the Ryman is awesome, the sound is amazing! And the sound of the audience stomping their feet is also a sound you'll never hear anywhere else. The wood in the place is awesome. I love the pews too. You feel more like you're at church than a show! Your quilt piece is wonderful. Can't wait to swap witchya!
Oh, and btw, you've been TAGGED! Check out my blog to get your meme.

Janet said...

Loved seeing the pic of you and your neice, and it sounds as if you had a great time at the concert.

Your quilt piece is beautiful, and the chunky book pages are great, too. That critic must be crazy!! I know the one, she visits me way too often!

miss*R said...

it is gorgeous Beth! they are all so different and all so wonderful!
it is sooooooooo good to see a photo of you! I thought that was you in your profile!
Nashville sounds great - probably a place that I can only dream of. xo