Friday, September 15, 2006

Fabulous Friday!!!

Yes it is my favorite day of the week, espiecally when I am working,,lol. I will probably say this same thing every friday until May, when I will be off work again, so get use to it,,lol. The weather is absolutely beautiful today. Mid-80s, and no humidity and a good breeze. Its suppose to get pretty warm by Sunday,,upper 80s,,but with no humidity thats not too bad.
Then rain on Monday and then its going to really cool off and Autumn will start moving in at a faster pace.
Mom is coming down tonite and spend the night. We are going to be making some ATCs and some cards, and just having some fun!
Then on Sunday, Daniel and I are going to get up early and go to the State Fair in Nashville. Sunday is the last day. We love to go and see the exhibits,,the animals, and veggies, and quilts,,and walk around and eat funnel cakes and cotton candy. I am so thankful that he enjoys doing this as much as I do. I am going to take my camera and take alot of pics. We don't do the rides,,I am not much of a rides person,,espiecally roller coasters are ones that go upside down and backwards and really fast,,,uh ,,no way!!
But its going to be a nice week-end,,last week-end I was sick and didn't enjoy it at all,,so this one will be great!
The pictures the above are what I see on my ride home every day. I take the scenic route instead of the nerve wracking interstate. And its not much farther going this way,,maybe 5 miles more,,but well worth it. Lots of horse farms and creeks and no one riding your bumper.
Hope every one has a wonderful week-end! I will try to post pics of the fair on Sunday night!


Daisy Lupin said...

Have a good time at the fair. Wow a real state fair, to me in England it makes me think it could be musical or something with Judy Garland in it! Instead of meet me in St Louis, it could be Meet in at the State Fair. How exciting, I don't do rides either to much of a scaredy cat. Have a wonderful weekend Beth. Love xx

Janet said...

I love the photos of your drive to work and would do the same thing if I had a choice between an interstate and a country road.

Have fun at the fair! I don't do those rides either. I'm more of a merry-go-round kind of gal!!

Cat said...

You have a beautiful drive home! That is perfect scenery to relax thru and unwind from the work-day.

Art day with Mom! You always post great ATC's after those days! I'll be checking back...

Maryellen said...

I really like the composition of that middle picture. Quite artistic I must say.

vicci said...

Love these Beth!!