Friday, September 29, 2006

Finally Friday!

Yay,,,I do love Fridays!! And its such a beautiful friday too. It really feels so fallish today! Highs are only 66 today, and chilly 40s tonight. Its been a busy week for me at work,,so I am glad its over.
My good friend that use to live next door to me spent the night with me on Wednesday night,,so it was nice seeing her. Tonight I am taking my parents to see Ray Price at the Ryman. He is an older country music singer,,back in the old Hank Williams days. She is so excited and I am glad I am taking them.
This week my good friend Rose and I swapped ATCs. Hers are so pretty! Its some of the first ones she made and her first swap. I am glad it was with me,,she lives right here close to me,,our towns are just a few miles apart. I am going to get her to join our ATC group. Here are the lovely ATCs she sent to me.

Beautiful aren't they? Thank you Rose,,,I do treasure them!!
I also finished my Quilt art page for another swap that I am in. The theme this month was "Coffee or Java". I found the picture on the internet and then I printed on the ink jet material paper. I love that stuff,,heres the pic

It has glitter highlighting the letters and the curves and then a charm on the cup. I just love the picture.
Well I guess I better go say hi to some of my friends and then get ready to go get my Mom. I hope everyone has a great week-end. I will try to write again on Sunday!!


Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

wow didn't Rosa do a GREAT job on those ATC's!! and I your java piece! I just love flitting among the blogs seeing such creations!!!!

Rosa said...

Yea, you like them!! Being new, ya just never know!! I adore yours!! So pretty. I have yours up too. Gorgeous!! Yes, I'm hooked and can't wait to swap some more!! Fun!! Your quilt piece is wonderful. You are just too creative!! xo

Daisy Lupin said...

Enjoy the concert. Can I ask what is this material that you can use on an inkjet printer, if I have understood you right? Have a great weekend Beth. xx

Janet said...

Love the ATC's that Rosa did, and I really like your quilt piece. You and Rosa are two creative gals.

I remember Ray Price!

miss*R said...

they are wonderful! are you going to meet up with Rosa?