Sunday, September 03, 2006

Crud for the week-end!!!

Well don't it figure,,,I woke up sick yesterday morning. I have some kind of crud. Sore throat, neck, and headache. I sound like a frog this morning. I spent most of yesterday in bed feeling absolutely awful. So,,,didn't get much creating time in or working in the yard. I HATE being sick,,espiecally on such a nice long week-end. Daniel has been great to me,,he just got back from the store with lots of juice, lemon tea and honey, and some cold medicine, then cooked me a great omelet. The weather has been perfect for being sick,,cloudy and cool. If it was sunny outside I would really be mad,,lol.
Guess I won't post a pic today,,just not feeling up to it. Maybe later. Now I need to go lay down again. Hope everyone else has a great day!


Daisy Lupin said...

Stay in bed and relax and maybe by tomorrow you can feel better and enjoy labor day before going back to work. Look after yourself xx

deb said...

Thanks for your comments, Beth...and the invite to check out your blog. Love your art.


miss*R said...

Hello Beth - just popping over to introduce myself & say hi.
pump the vitamin C into you, horseradish and garlic are great too. and I find that lavender oil dabbed onto the temples and up the back of the neck helps with headaches. Hope you are feeling better soon - blessings & bliss, xo Robyn

Cat said...

Hope you get feeling better soon!

Maryellen said...

Ah Beth, sorry to hear your 3 days was infringed upon by the "cruds". That just isn't fair. I hope you rise back up real soon.