Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday already??

But I am happy that today is Tuesday. Glad that yesterday is over. Yesterday was sad,,I was depressed, and work was hard. I came home from work extremely stressed. I decided the best way to relieve that was to jump on my treadmill. So thats what I did,,then I did a few weights. I felt so much better!! Then I went outside to my pond and I meditate a long time. That made me feel even better. I just couldn't watch any more news or programs about 9/11,,they just got to me too much. I made the mistake of watching the 1st part of the move "Leading up to 9/11" on Sunday night. That made me extremely pissed off at our Government,,why did we have to handle the Bin Laden situation the way it was handled. I know it has been said that parts of the movie weren't true,,but I just don't know. I think it was really bungled,,and too many people lost their lives because of the mistakes. So,,thats all I am going to say on that. I just couldn't watch the rest of it last night,,of course Mom told me about the rest of it today,,lol.
So,,,tonite,,,I am going to watch one of my favorite shows!! "Dancing with the Stars". I just love Dancing,,love to watch Dancing,,and love to Dance. I get it naturallly,,both of my parents were dancers. Not professional dancers mind you,,just a man and a woman who loved to dance.
They were jitterbuggers, foxtrotters, square dancers, buck dancing, and disco ers,,lol. They just loved dancing,,any kind of dancing. And they were good too!
I remember when I was around 6 years old. They would go out every week-end with their bestfriend couple to their Square Dancing Club. They would travel to other cities sometimes too. Mom is a wonderful seamstress and she would make her dresses,,and buy shirts for my Dad that matched her dresses. Those big ole fluffy cantina skirts!! Sometimes they would host the dance at our house in our full basement. I can remember sitting on the steps that went down to the basement and watch them dancing,,and hearing the calls. It was so awesome to watch!!
Later when I was a teen,,and Disco was the in thing,,"Saturday night Fever". They would have parties on the week-ends and couples would come over and disco,,,, I even would do the bump with my Dad,,and wasn't even embarrassed,,lol.
So I guess my love of Dancing is a gift!
Here is a picture of my parents during their Square Dancing Days,,

Of course it was a Valentine Square Dancing Party,,don't ya just love my Dad's hair cut and glasses? lol. And yes,,Mom made that dress too! I wish I had a picture of them jitterbuggin when they were young,,or Discoing,,lol.
So you know my Mom will be watching the show tonite too! And I am sure my Dad would be too if he was still alive. I like to believe that he is still dancing, and that one day I will see those two dancing together again.
Watch the show tonight,,Jerry Springer is going to be dancing,,that should be a hoot!!!

Have a great Evening!!


miss*R said...

Hi Beth ~ I watched the movie, it was shown here & I cannot for the life of me work out why all the terroism stuff before 9/11 was handled that way either. another one that made me think alot was fahrenheit 911 - Michael Moore. I know he is a radical but even if half of the movie is true then we are all in big trouble.
enough of that !
love the photo of your mum & dad - he looks like Buddy Holly!
hope you are feeling happier today - I am sending some happy faeries to be with you! xo

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

I will address the lighter side of your post...my parents were square dancers too, my mom made all her dresses and dad's vests. That picture could have been one of theirs.
Hope you are feeling a lift in your spirit now!

Janet said...

I have to agree with miss*r....your dad looks like Buddy Holly in that photo! I will be watching right along with you. I couldn't dance if my life depended on it but I love to watch others dance. And you're right, Jerry Springer should be a hoot!!

Rosa said...

Love that old pic! Too cute. Yes, glad yesterday is over. Too heartbreaking to relive all over again.

City Slicker said...

Great picture for the day

Daisy Lupin said...

I can just imagine Lottie being a dancer, she is some gal isn't she. I think she is fabulous. Saw your comment on Vicci's blog. I love the sog Daniel too. That's my son's name and I used to hum the tune all the time when he was small. Love xx