Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wonderful Wednesday

Yes,,I do think Wednesdays are wonderful,,because when you work, it means just 2 more days left after wednesday,,lol,,Hump Day is what we call Wednesdays,,your almost over the hump.
So yesterday was a scary day for me. I guess some darling student at school didn't want to take a hard test or something in 3rd period, so he called in a Bomb threat. Which meant we had to go into lock down mode. Now its not much fun being locked in your office while our School police officers scour the building looking for mysterious packages,,and your wondering if this is the last place you'll see in your life,,not fun at all. But it was a hoax,,thank goodness!! They will evacuate if they think it is a serious call,,but it was felt certain that it wasn't so the procedure was to stay in a lock down mode to the whole thing was investigated. We go in lock down modes alot,,sometimes they bring in dogs to sniff out certain areas of the school for drugs or weapons. Thats a good thing,,and they did it last week and there were none found in our building. My school is one of the safer ones in the city. But its always kind of scary when your locked in your office and can't go out till its all over.
So enough of that,,,I am posting some of my art today. I woke up at 3 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep,,so I just got up and decided to blog a while.
The picture above is a Deco page I did for a Round Robin that I am in. Its for a Fall Deco and its for my friend Kim. This is the tag that you make to put in the pocket on the inside cover.

The next picture is the ATCs that Mom and I made this past friday night when she spent the night. They are for a Leave ATC trade. We made them and then dipped them in melted beeswax,,I love to play with beeswax. It smells so good when you have it melted.

And the last picture is of some ATC Vintage Nudes that I made for a swap. Its so funny to think that women would pose like this back in the old days,,but I guess we have always had a little naughtiness in us,,lol. I hope they don't offend anyone,,but I think they are tasteful.

So I am headed to the shower now to start off another wonderful day. It is so Fallish outside now. The low this morning is in the low 50s and the high today in the mid 70s. The leaves are starting to fall. AUTUMN is here! Have a great day my friends!


Janet said...

Beth, I'm so glad it was all a hoax. But I'm sure it wrecks havoc with the nerves.

Fall is my favorite time of year and I love your fall cards. The nudes are great, too....and who would be offended by something so pretty!!

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

eek, what a scary feeling glad it was just a prank, but still I can imagine nerves on edge.

Your ATCS are fantastic!!!! - all of them! I am very interested in the use of beeswax and have contemplated trying it (did you use one of those little melting pot thingies?)

it's 56 here this morning - I am relishing the air coming in the window....still not quite fall though.

Daisy Lupin said...

That must have been really scary Beth, I don't think I could have stood to have been in lock down, I can't imagine how you cope thinking there could be a bomb and it could go off. I think I would have run out of the office and out of the school. You are very brave. Love the cards you have made. xx

Rosa said...

Ok Beth, your ATCs are gorgeous! I'm afraid mine are of no comparisson; but of course I would love to trade. This will be my first trade!! With a fellow Tennessean to boot! Email me! Let's do this thing!!
So glad it was just a hoax yesterday. You just don't know these days. So sad.

vicci said...

Bethie....Only 2 more days until the weekend! Yippee! Do you have anything special planned? I get to go get that hutch...and then the fun part!!! Decorating it! That redneck thing you sent me was sooo funny! I cracked up! I love the nudes atcs...they are my favorite kind....I think its never offensive...not to me anyways! I love ya girl!

Maryellen said...

It may be the first day of Fall, but in California there is not a sign of it yet really. But when it hits it get so hugely proliffic. Can't wait to share some of her design then.

Cat said...

Great ATCs! I'm in the mood for Fall too now.

Glad the bomb scare was just a scare!

Have a terrific weekend.