Monday, September 04, 2006

Still kicking,,barely!

Well I am maybe a little bit better today,,but still far from 100%. This has been the wierdest bug or flu or whatever that I have ever had. First I had a terrible sore throat, headache, and neck ache on Saturday. Then by saturday night I was running a fever. I never run fevers,,usually my fever is below normal, but it was at 100 yesterday. By yesterday my throat had quit hurting, but my head and neck were still sore. So,,I stayed in bed all day yesterday too. I guess it wasn't too bad,,because the American movie channel was having a marathon yesterday and I got to watch alot of movies,,lol. Some of the movies I watched were re-runs,,but they were movies I liked alot so I can watch re-runs of those. I watched- "Sleeping with the Enemy" with Julia Roberts whom I think is a really good actress. Now that is a pretty scary movie,,I guess because there really are pyschos out there like the husband she had in the movie. Then I watched "Lunch money" with Melanie Griffen in it. I like her too,,her voice kind of gets on my nerves but I think she is a pretty good actress. Then I watched "Domestic Disturbance " with John Travolta and Vince Vaughn. It was new one for me,,and it was ok,,but not that great,,lol. I really wanted to read some,,but my head hurt too much for that.
So today I woke up and couldn't even talk,,I just croak pretty much like a frog. I did feel a bit better though. Headache and neck ache are gone,,but have a cough now too. And really dizzy,, and now it just comes in waves,,feel ok for a while and then feel like crap for awhile.
Daniel has taken such good care of me,,he is a absolute wonderful husband in my book right now!
Ok,,so you know I got my newspaper yesterday and I knew that Michaels was going to have a big sale for Labor Day,,they always do. They had a 50% off coupon in the sales paper,,good for yesterday and today. Well,,,,,,I have been dying for a "crop-a-dile". Whats a crop-a-dile you ask? It is the best eyelet setter that is on the market right now. If you have ever fooled with setting eyelets then you know what a pain some of the setters can be. Well a couple of members of our stamping group had them last week-end,,and I fell in love with them. They are so super easy to use. They look like big pliers. But they make setting eyelets a breeze. They are a bit pricey,,$27. Mom went there yesterday and got her one and used her coupon,,so they were only $14.
Well I got up today and told Daniel,,that I really wanted to go get one of those. My sweetie said,,"well I need to go to Home Depot, so I will take you to Michaels",,,now is that a good hubby or what? He didn't want me driving cause of being dizzy. So we went there first thing this morning. He even came inside with me and didn't complain about me looking at other items either,,lol. Bless his heart! lol. Of course I found other items that I just had to have too,,lol. Then we went to the store and came home. I bought the new "Rubber Stamping Madness" magazine too. So when we got home I ate come good old Chicken Noodle soup and laid down for awhile looked at my magazine. I started feeling better again and was able to get up and do some art for a while. I finished my shipping tags for the Fall shipping tag swap that Mom is hosting. I also finished some art cards and some ATCs. They are drying right now as I used glitter and pearl ex and some glaze on them,,I will post pics of them later.
I am hoping that I will feel like going to work tomorrow,,,but who knows,,like I said this has been a very nasty bug. Daniel has slept out in the sunroom on the futon for the past 2 nights,,trying hard to not get it,,I sure hope he doesn't as he is not a good patient,,like most men aren't,,lol. But if he gets it,,then I will definetly take good care of him like he has me.
I am going to post some pics of some digital pictures that I have made with filters and layers on my Paint Shop Pro.
I hope none of my wonderful friends here get this awful stuff,,cause it ain't fun!!!
Hope every one has had a good monday!


miss*R said...

I need to get myself paint shop pro.
don't forget to drink lots of water & chicken soup is wonderful when you are sick x0x feel better soon!

AnnieElf said...

Beautiful work Beth. I especially like the sandchair.

vicci said...

Bethie....I hope you feel better!!!I like the paintshop pro.....I've been busy doing the glass assemblage for creative journeys...I'll post a picture if I can...did you get much rain from Ernesto???

Maryellen said...

Well, now we all know what flu to get our flu shot for next month. Sounds really miserable, but luckly not so bad you can't turn on movies. I live for movies.
Your sand chair picture is so cool. I love that. The other ones are great, but the sand chair one peaks my curiosity.

Anonymous said...

Oh Beth you poor thing...i so hope that you are feeling better.

The crop-a-dile is the best. i don't know how I lived without it. i was still using the little silver tool and hammer to set my eyelets and had given up on it. Now i can't get enough of using eyelets with the crop-a-dile and the best thing is it can also make holes through thin pieces of metal.
Boy, i'm started to sound like an infomercial here, hee hee.

Just get better!

Daisy Lupin said...

I hope you are feeling better by now Beth, that sounds like a really horrible virus. What a good husband to drive you to the store. Don't you just love that point in a virus when you feel a little better but not exactly right, and your husband still brings you bowls of soul and soft rolls, yet you feel just well enough to lie back on your pillows and browse through a magazine inbetween short naps? Don't rush back to work get really better first. xx

Cat said...

Sure hope you are getting better Miss Miserable! You poor thing, it's a bit scarry to get weird bugs anymore!

Lovely digital pics! Looks like fun.

Be better, Cat