Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunny Sunday!!!

What a beautiful day it is today. Its in the 80s today,,but feels so nice. We are having Indian Summer. Suppose to be warm all next week. Thats good though,,I can finish getting the gardens ready for winter. I have been inside all day working on some art projects and watching my football team lose again, oh well.
So I am in a Halloween Postcard swap in one of my groups and I finished them today. Here they are, I used some stickers on 2 of them because I have a slew of Halloween stickers.

I love to make these little postcards,,so fun!!
I also made a page for my friend Debrynda's deco. She used the formica laminate samples that you get at Lowes for her pages,,real cute idea. I love working on the decos too. I am in 2 fall deco swaps.

I am really mad at my football team today. They just are not doing well at all, we played the Dallas Cowboys today and they beat us terribly. One of our players behaved terribly and stomped one of the Cowboys players head,,they kicked him out the game and he will be fined. It really makes me mad when Pro football players do that because they have alot of young kids who look up to them,,what kind of impression does that make for them? So sad!
I am so excited because my good friend Rosa joined one of my favorite groups,,and also Mary Ellen is in there too,,YAY!! They are such talented artists and great additions for our group.
I am going to be in a bottle swap with Vicci,,and I am excited about that. I saved a 2 liter last night and I am going to be adding to it every day,,going to fill that bottle full of goodies,,lol.
Well I have procrastinated long enough and must go out and work in my flowers. I am gathering seeds. I love to gather seeds and then share with my fellow gardner friends. Its like giving them part of me when I send seeds to them because I do Love my Flowers!!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful sunday!


Janet said...

Sharing seeds sounds like such a thoughtful thing to do....and so like you. I'm sorry your team lost today, and I agree with you about pro ball players and the way they act but I think all the $$ and fame goes to their head sometimes.

Love your ATC's....always like to see what you've been up to. We're still working on the house and doing a lot of computer house hunting.

vicci said...

Ooooohhhhh Bethie...your bottle is gonna be so cool!!!!!!! I love the atc's...and you!

Rosa said...

You are quite the busy bee!! Those are gorgeous! What size are they? I'm so excited Beth, I send you the six ATCs today. Yea, the Titans are doing very well. We watched a little of the game but couldn't watch after that last fumble. ouch. I don't see all those Titan's flags on cars like a couple of years ago! Wish they'd get their acts together! xoxo