Thursday, July 02, 2009

D- Stressing

Since my last post this week was about "stress" I felt I had to post one on how I am now D-stressing. Yesterday was my first day out of work and what perfect weather we had! High was only in the low 80s and absolutely no Humidity, very rare for July 1st in the south. Below is a picture the Hub took of the garden. Can you see my pretty sunflowers peeking up now?
Ok, another garden pic but this one is looking up at the driveway. Whats that blue thing that you see there?
Well, its my new pool! And look at me,,do I even look stressed out now? NOPE!!!
Its the perfect size for me and the hub. We even let a few of the neighbor kids dip in it from time to time. It feels heavenly after working in the garden and flowers. So, yeah, I am happy to be off work. Yesterday afternoon Mom came over and we cut up some white squash and battered it and froze it. Talk about yummy! And also put up several bags of yellow squash too. We now have over 3 cases of several types of pickles. Going to take some photos of them and share soon.
My okra and beans will be coming in soon and those will keep me busy too. My only gardening disappointment has been my tomatoes. They just did not produce they way I hoped they would but I think it may have been the weather, that's a good excuse isn't it? Ha! But I tell you,,I will never plant as many cucumber plants as I did this year. I think this year was the year of the Cukes!
I have WAY to many of them and I am just plain sick of them,,Ha. I am to the point that I am going to find out where the food bank is here in my little town and donate some to them. And I have had loads of zucchini too. But my brother shreds them and freezes them and he makes his famous zucchini bread that every one loves. So we have all decided that for Christmas this year we are going to give Zucchini bread and pickles as presents! Every one loves homemade goodies and we will put them in some cute wrappings.
Well, I hope every one is enjoying the summer. Its starting to be very nice for me now. Oh, I also found out yesterday that I get to stay at my same school and I will go back in August! YAY! What a relief!
More tomorrow!


Janet said...

Yea! Those last couple of sentences were the clincher!! You get to stay in your job. I'm so happy for you.

And look at you....Miss Bathing Beauty lounging in your new pool! I bet that feels heavenly after a hot, sticky day.

Jeanie said...

That's a GREAT idea about the zucchini for Christmas. Perfect! (How about pickles with those cukes, or are they the wrong type?) Cucumber sandwiches? Raita for spicy foods? Hmmm. My tomatoes are slow; we'll see.

Thrills for the job! Glad you can destress! Happy 4th.

Cat said...

I've started to apply around, I complete my second credential next week and its in Math so there are still some jobs going around.

Cat said...

Yahoo, PTL on the job! I'm so happy for you to get to stay there!

You and your pool look gorgeous! We have one just like that and yes it is fab for a quick cool down after working in the garden.

Your garden is great. You are so far ahead of us / haven't picked anything yet... plants are still growing...

Have a happy 4th. Your flowers above are pretty. XO, C

PEA said...

Yeaaaaaaa...SO happy to hear that you will be staying at the same school!!! I know how worried you'd been about having to go to a different one. What a big load off your shoulders:-)

And look at you in that pool!!! My neighbours on the left side have one about that size and they just love it. Their daughter is 11 and she always has a few of her friends over for a swim:-)

Your garden is looking great. Ours is still in the process of growing so hasn't produced anything yet. I know what you mean about zucchini and cukes, we usually have more than we know what to do with! lol I also shred and freeze my zucchini to use in various recipes. xoxo