Thursday, July 16, 2009

Garden Delights!!!

Guess who decided that my garden was going to be a wonderful Breakfast Bar today?

So yes, I walked out on my deck this morning to see this visitor in the garden. And enjoying it quite well, thank you very much.
Um, please tell me that your not eating my lima bean plants? Have all the cucumbers, zuchinni, and peppers you want but stay away from the beans, please
"No, honestly its not a bean plant that is hanging out of my mouth, promise!"
So, yeah,,I let her have a few more bites and then politely told her that is was time to go check on Bambi. She was ok with that but I am wondering "how many more will she bring back with her tomorrow?"
Yesterday I spent all day working outside. I mowed the whole 2 acres and then worked in the garden the rest of the day. It was HOT and HUMID! But by late afternoon a nice big Thundershower came through and cool it all off. I actually stood in the rain for while until the lightening started popping a little too close.
So this is what I got out of the garden yesterday.

Yes, I felt a little of my Irish blood after digging the potatoes up. My fingers tips are so sore this morning. I just can't wear gloves, I have to feel the dirt in my bare hands. So yes, my nails look like crap in the summer but its worth it. I also harvested several heads of cabbage. We will make freezer slaw out of it.
Below is a corner of my kitchen where I keep some of the produce until I freeze it or can it. I picked the Patty Pan squash and the zuchinni yesterday too.

Some time today I am going to try to take a picture of all the pickles we have canned so far. There is quite a bit of jars now.
The last picture is of where I sit in the mornings this summer and blog. Its in my Art Room and I open the window for some nice cool and fresh morning air. I can look out over my front porch with the hanging ferns and see my flower beds too and all the birds and squirrels who are scampering around and singing to me. Its very relaxing.

I hope every one is having a wonderful summer week! And have a great Thursday too!


Janet said...

Beth, your morning view from your computer area is just what I'm looking for! It looks so peaceful. Too bad about that visitor to your garden! I bet he/she thought they had found a real smorgasbord!

Rosa said...

I love that last pic!! Too cute, that little deer eating all your veggies. Looks like you have plenty to share though. K, put my name on one of those jars of pickles!!! Please? We got that rain too. I'm just happy Jacq's flight got off before the storms hit! xoxo

Jeanie said...

Well, I love the last view best! How tranquil to see that!

And that's one gorgeous visitor. I hope she doesn't tell too many friends -- hate to have to see you rope it off with the chicken wire or whatever! You have quite the haul there, my friend. Lovely!

jet1960 said...

Bethie, your visitor is lovely but I'm sure you would rather she munch elsewhere.

Very envious of your garden but happy for you. Rain has definitely been better this year and we didn't get one planted.

Shopgirl said...

First I must say this post made me smile...and a little giggle. Your garden is lovely, and your harvest is just to yummmie! Your little visiter was having a wonderful treat, it will be back for seconds, maybe thirds.
So how is Beth, I love your view.
I am so behind with blogging, taking care of Arney is a full time job. But soon I will miss him when he returns to work.
Have a lovely summer, I love dancing in the rain.
Your, Mary

Cat said...

Oh my look at that hungry Ms. Deer!

Great photos, and it sounded delightful to have rain after the heat...

Peaceful view is right!

Naturegirl said...

Beth: It has been some time since I came by. I was at Cat's and saw your comment re: her windmill for me. Bless you.
It is wonderful to see what you are up to in reviewing all your previous posts! Happy sun flower!
Love your heart when it comes to sharing your garden with the deer.
love and light NG

Rosa said...

Love your new format!!!

Flower said...

You have the same issue we do...those darling deer just make themselves at home! Your garden is so lush and prolific!
It's wonderful to see what others are growing.