Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday's Art

Happy Monday! I hope every one had a great week-end. I spent most of mine putting up veggies and making pickles. I even attempted pickling watermelon rind. Just sharing some of my latest art from some of my journals. The first picture is one I did on a 8x 10 canvas.

I have been trying to do some kind of art every day now since I am not working this summer. I have a pen, marker, and watercolor journal and a mixed media journal. I Love doing the mandalas and zentangles they are so relaxing.
Have a great first of the week!


PJ's talking... said...

Thanks for stopping by. Like your work. Aren't those Zentangles addictive? I'm gonna need a meeting or two to be able to stop that habit... :)

Mary Timme said...

Isn't it odd to not be working when you are used to it? I've always thought that making art was great fun. But this week I have two Bible Studies starting. I think my lazy days are over with. Today is not so humid. Almost back to normal.

jet1960 said...

Sorry we couldn't get together while you were down in Hartselle. Maybe we'll be able to later on. Not sure how I'm going to like working there. I've started my night shifts and have been on my own the last 2 nights. Been very busy, much more so than I want to be at this age.

Your art work is amazing, Beth! Love it all!

Jeanie said...

These are all fun and a different style for you. Very nice!

Rosa said...

Soooo pretty!!! Still haven't done a thing as far as art. Geesh. Maybe after the cuz goes home??? Probably not. lol Miss you!!!