Friday, July 31, 2009

Sunshine at last! Flowers happy too!

Yes, the sun was out for a short while this morning. But I guess I jinxed it because while I was writing this post the clouds have returned again. This has been the rainiest July that we have ever had. But I am not complaining too much as its kept the temps down and made the flowers grow and my garden too.(Lots of weeds grew in the garden too!)
The picture above is of my hibiscus bushes. They are finally blooming and are full of buds. One of the bushes really got beat down by the hard rain we had last night. We even had tornadoes in the area last night. Its rained every single day this week except for Tuesday but it started on Tuesday night.
I worked a couple of days this week and it was nice to be back. I think it may be a little better this year. Especially knowing I am going to be off a lot more days.
Monday night Mom came over and spent the night and we did a lot of artsy stuff. I am now trying to draw a lot more. I use to draw a lot but got out of the habit. So I drew this picture Monday night. Its a "Wood Nymph". I think it turned out okay but i have a long way to go with trying to make my eyes more even.

But I still kind of like her. I am working on another one now. I am enjoying drawing and using my watercolor pencils and inks and markers. I also love the watercolor crayons too. I am still doing zentangles on days when I don't have time to do much art. But I am trying to do some kind of art every day.
Oh Good, the sun has returned. I need to go fill up my Hummingbird feeders now. Then I have to take Mom to get an echo sound on her heart.
I hope every one has a great Friday and a wonderful week-end. To my dear friends out west, I hope the temps cool down for you all, and I will try to send some cool rain your way.



Mary Timme said...

We have been very cool and rainy here also. I think it is the second rainiest summer on record. Wednesday we got up to 54 degrees! In July! I only remember that happening once before.

It has been like living in San Francisco!

Rosa said...

We have been very fortunate while the inlaws have been visiting--cooler weather here, then we went to Alabama--cool there (wha????) and it rained the entire time here, then it got hot there and we all came back here to sunshine. No complaints here either! Miss you. xo

Janet said...

I like your Wood Nymph! Who says eyes have to be exactly the same....mine are on two different levels!

Jeanie said...

I think your wood nymph is very nice indeed and I'm glad you're doing a lot of drawing! AND, I'm especially glad you have a job to go back to after the stress in the spring. But I think your greatest art is as gardener! Bravo!

jet1960 said...

Don't know how I missed these latest blog posts. Love your drawing! Wonderful job of drawing the face, I think. Those are so hard to do.