Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunflowers for a sunny day!

These beauties are planted around the outside of my garden! I knew when I planted my garden that I had to have these surrounding it as I just think they add more flavor to the garden. Can you see the big bees that are all over the flowers? They really didn't appreciate me getting close to their flowers. A lot of times I will have yellow and black and purple finches all over them too.

Below is some pictures of the garden. I need to spend a whole day in it doing some serious weeding. Its been a pretty rainy summer for us which is great when you don't have to water the garden. But it also makes the weeds go crazy. The first picture is tomatoes, marigolds, okra, and cucumbers.

Next, you can see the row of corn that is in front of the tomatoes. The hub decided at the last minute that he wanted some corn so it was planted a little late. I think it will produce before the first frost as our first frost usually isn't until mid October. It growing really fast too.
Next is my pole bean tepee. I am going to have quite a few of them too. I already have small pods. Last week I discovered that the pesky little Japanese beetles were totally munching down on them so I had to discourage them or my plants would be gone.
They were also enjoying my Okra too much too. They also will destroy Roses, Hibiscus, and other veggies and plants.

And of course, Mr Owl is on constant duty to protect from intruders. (But he doesn't scare the Japanese Beetles). He stands by the peppers, cucumbers, and squashes.

My herbs are doing really good! I have some in the garden and some in pots by my deck so I can run out and snip some while cooking. Here are my chives and my basil.

I have been making some Pesto out of my basil from a great recipe my dear friend Jeanie sent to me last year. Its yummy and you can also freeze it for later use. I have also been drying and freezing my herbs to use all year. More pictures of that later.
On Sunday I picked some Patty Pan squash and Green tomatoes and fried them for dinner. Oh, my,,they were just way too good.

I could live off of these yummies! I have really enjoyed having a garden this summer. Its a lot of work but well worth it. I have put up Yellow Squash, Patty Pan Squash, Zucchini, Okra. And Mother and I have canned so many kinds of Pickles. Dill, Bread and Butter, Party Pickles, and on Saturday I canned some Pickled watermelon rind. That is good stuff! I will take pictures of the various canned items as they are so pretty. What I have learned about gardening? Well, to not plant so many cucumbers, banana peppers and zucchini,we have had and over abundance of them. Giving them to neighbors as we have had so many. My disappointment has been that my tomatoes have not done so good but in talking with other gardeners its been the same for them. They are full of green tomatoes but having a hard time turning red. They probably will all at the same time. I have several egg plants, and also some Lima beans that will be coming in soon. I have Irish potatoes that will be ready soon and also cabbage. Mine and my parents freezers will be full for the winter and I can't wait to enjoy the fruits of my labor.
Thanks for letting me share!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!


Annie said...

Good morning Beth. I loved seeing your garden. My garden this year is composed of TWO tomato plants. But I am seriously in LIKE with my tomatoes. I was never much of an eater of tomatoes until I started growing them. Now I can't get enough. Next year I'll have to grow FOUR.

Rosa said...

You are amazing!!! Wow!!! Jacq goes home tomorrow so maybe we can get together soon--after I recover, of course. Eeeeegads. I hope you plan on making some summer vegetable soup. My mom used to use everything from the garden and make soup at least once towards the end of summer--that's the only way I'll eat okra! lol. It brings back precious memories. Ya know, I have yet to have a fried green tomato! Smack me down. xoxo

jet1960 said...

I agree, you are amazing in how much you get done. Enjoyed seeing the garden pics! I was going to get some herbs planted this year to replace some that had died previously and do some annuals, too. Tried some seed I already had but evidently it was too old. Oh, well, maybe I'll have time later on to do some in pots.