Monday, July 20, 2009

Wonderful Monday!

Isn't this a wonderful card? My dear friend Janet sent it to me. She is a wonderful artist and such a really good friend. I think we have been blogging together for at least 3 or 4 years now and I have so enjoyed watching her Art change. Her journals are amazing and I wish I could be as dedicated as she is about working in my journal every day. Thanks Janet for making my day!
Wow, our weather has been amazing! We had a record breaking week-end with very abnormally cool temperatures. It felt like Fall here and we LOVED it. I don't ever remember being able to open our windows in the middle of July. We are usually in the mid to upper 90s and 100% humidity by this time of year. I woke up yesterday morning to hear my Mom's furnace going. Ha, they are pretty cold natured and she got really chilled and turned on the heat. Its suppose to be nice like this most of this week and some more rain coming in tomorrow night.
Mom and I started some more Party pickles yesterday. They are a 4 day process. They are so pretty as we use food coloring to make them red and green. Here are a few jars that we have already made. We have about 14 jars now but we are giving away a lot of them as Christmas presents.

They have a spicy, sweet taste to them. And even though they take 4 days to make they are not that hard to make. I also made some more Watermelon rind pickles. I think they are pretty too but they don't show up so pretty in the picture.

They are actually transparent looking in person. You also put thin lemon slices in with them too. They are really sweet and yummy. I have really enjoyed putting up veggies and pickling this summer. My kitchen floor is a mess and I am going to strip it and polish it after I have finished pickling.
I have been doing some art lately. I am in a ATC bird swap, a tag swap, and a charm swap. Below is a picture of my Bird ATCs.

I don't know why I can't scan any thing straight. My scans always come out crooked. I will post my other art projects on another day.
If you saw my post last week where I showed off where I sit and blog and play on my computer, then I have to show you what I saw while I have been sitting here blogging today.

I have a bird feeder and a silverware and beads windchimes on the big tree in front of my window. This little guy was sitting on top of the windchimes patiently waiting to get to the feeder.
I hope every one had a great week-end and hope you have a wonderful Monday too!


PEA said...

Your weather has cooled off and ours is finally starting to warm up again! lol We had the one week with temps in the 80's but the last couple of weeks it's been raining and cold, often not going higher than 60. Today the sun is shining and it's supposed to reach 70 so for the first time in a long while I was able to hang out my laundry on the clothesline this morning!!!

Your party pickles look wonderful! I'd never heard of those or watermelon rind pickles!! My busy pickling season will come at the end of August, right now we're just waiting for the garden to GROW! lol

Love the card Janet sent you, it's beautiful, as are the ATCs you made. Your talent always leaves me in awe:-)

You really got a great picture of that birdie...we have many bird feeders in our backyard and one of my favourite times is when I can be washing dishes and watch them at play:-)xoxoxo

Mary Timme said...

Wow! What a lot of subject you covered. I'm not sure I remember them all, but I went to look out with you and saw where you blog. What fun to look out and see that.

Tim run our furnace often too. But we get down pretty cool at night.

Cat said...


I'm so slack, next year I will be more prepared for the preserving front.

Flower said...

Your party pickles look fantastic! I haven't tried anything like that but I'll take a look through my Ball book and see about them.
The little bird is nice company! Animals just add so much to a day!
Your cards are lovely...and scanning is difficult!

Rosa said...

I wish I had some of your pickles right now, dill or sweet! The rinds look great!! I know, this weather is just too wonderful!!!

jet1960 said...

Those pickles do look good! I've never put any up myself, but I used to help my Mom and my Grandmother(my Mother's Mom). She would do cucumber rind like the watermelon rind pickles so that she could use the cucumbers that got too big. Those are my favorite pickles of all time. I admire you cause I know these are a lot of work, but worth it later on, especially in the winter.

More lovely art by you and by Janet! I'm trying to get some collage animal pictures done for Thomas' nursery. I got distracted yesterday doing some organinzing around the house, if you can believe it. Not like me at all!

The bird photo is sweet!

Annie said...

Janet's artwork has definitely gone through an evolution of the past few years. I admire her a lot.

Pickles watermelon rinds - I don't believe I've ever had those.

Love the little birdie ATCs Beth. But then all things Birdie are among my favorites.


Jeanie said...

Wow -- those pickles look so pretty! Lucky for your Christmas list!

Janet's art is great. I don't want to say it's improved because that implies it wasn't good before and she was, but she has really advanced with her new techniques. Great card!

And your stuff is fun, too! And I love the bird -- those pics are hard to get!

Janet said...

I'm glad you like your card. I had fun making it for you.

Those pickles look fantastic! What a great Christmas gift they'll be.

And you can quit telling me about all your cool weather!! :-) I'm broiling out here! Send some of that cool weather out west!

Shopgirl said...

Your card from Janet is so pretty, I got one too. Janet is the lady that kept me here on blogland. Soon I had found you and so many others, what a wonderful gift it has been. I have grown in my true affection for you and your family. I fell in love with you and your Mother, I miss my own Mother.
And look at you so busy making lovely food for your family.
Big Hugs, Mary

vicci said...

Love and miss you girl!!!!!!

Cat said...

Your pickles look delightful! Sounds like a long and rewarding process.

The card Janet sent is great! And so are your bird ATC's and little live bird at the feeder!

Hi to Lady from the Jack Pack!

Rosa said...

I just noticed your new avatar! Lovely! xoxox