Monday, July 06, 2009

Design Gives Back

Recently when I was out doing a little web surfing, I came across this site by way of another blogger. Kelee Katillac is a really neat artist and she came up with a way to help Dogs and Cats who are "lost", meaning abandoned. She designed a scarf with her dog's name on it, Oliver Wendell. You had to write her and ask her to mail you scarf and then you decorated it and made a picture of your dog in it. You then e-mailed her the picture and if she got 150 pics of dogs wearing the scarf she has a sponsor who would donate $2000 towards an association who helps with abandon animals. So of course I jumped right in and got a scarf for Lady. The deadline to have the picture sent to her was today. I got my scarf on Friday and decorated it Saturday and promptly took the Brat's picture and e-mailed it back to her. If you look at her blog she has several posts of the different dog's pictures with the scarves on. Here are some of Lady modeling the scarf!

She is going to make a video and a post after today's deadline so I will post a link here when she does. Doesn't the Brat make a cute model? It went to here head though and she walked around the rest of the day acting like a Prima Donna,,HA!
I hope every one had a great holiday week-end! I am headed to my brother's tomorrow to spend a few days and go out on his boat. I can't wait!


Rosa said...

Awww, so precious! The "brat" looks too cute!!!

Cat said...

Lady Brat could be a top model! I can't believe she sat still that long! She looks quite stylish in her new scarf.

The only time I'm able to get pictures of the Jack Pack anymore is if they are sleeping!

Have a great time out on the boat!

Jeanie said...

Very cool! Brat is lovely! Hope you had a wonderful holiday, Ms. B!

jet1960 said...

Very cute! Brat reminds me of Maggie.