Sunday, July 05, 2009

RIP #9

We had a terrible tragedy here in Nashville yesterday. Steve McNair who use to the quarterback for my beloved Titans Football Team was murdered. He played with them for many years and was a great player and the Titan's fans loved him. He went to play at Baltimore for the past 2 years but retired in April. I never met him but I know people who have and described him as a very nice person. He also had several charities for Children.
Its sad that he was killed and also a young woman was found dead with him too. So far the police seem to think that the woman shot Steve several times and then killed herself. He was married but apparently was having an affair with this young lady. He leaves behind a wife and 4 sons.

It was so senseless and every one has been putting him down. Yeah, what he was doing was wrong but he didn't deserve to die because of it. In my mind he was still one of the best Quarter backs in Titan's history. RIP #9!
I hope every one had a great Fourth of July! Ours was great except the fireworks got rained out. But still had a good time any ways other than the tragedy above that cast a sad feeling during the celebration.


Mary Timme said...

Oh, no! How sad is that? Beyond words sad. I'm so sorry that some hate unto death! Wow! Four boys without a daddy! That is a tragedy!

Rosa said...

I tell you what, it feels like there's some bad mojo going around. Kinda scary. You just wonder who's next. Daig. Sad, so very sad. What a tragedy. :-(

Jeanie said...

Wow -- that's very sad. How did I miss hearing about that? Am I living under a rock? Yes, you're right -- a real tragedy. Lots of people have died lately. Weird.