Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yesterday's sadness!

Yesterday my sweet children lost their Great Grandmother. She was 90 years old. Her and their Great-Grandfather kept them for us when they were little while we worked. They spoiled them but were also wonderful to them. This is their father's grandmother. She was a feisty little lady, but a very smart woman too. She also was a wonderful Christian too!
My daughter stayed in the room with everyone last night when she took her last breathe. Afterwards she called me crying telling me how hard it was to watch her "sweet Mammer" leave this earth. It is hard at 20 years old to lose someone you have known and loved all of your life. My son just couldn't handle it although he did visit with her yesterday. It tore him up to see her like that, on a ventilator and hooked up to numerous machines.
She was very poor growing up, with alot of brothers and sisters. Her husband has been dead for over 10 years and I know that she was ready to go be with him.
I stayed at the hospital for a while yesterday. I will go to the funeral home today and the funeral tomorrow. Although though their daddy and I have been divorced for many years, we still get along and I love his wife too, she has been a great step-mother to my children. This was his mother's mother and she is taking it very hard. This is so hard to deal with right at Christmas, I went through it with my daddy on Christmas day. I don't know why some spirits choose the holidays to leave and go home to their maker, but it happens alot. Now I just have to help my children deal with their lost of a wonderful, loving, woman .

My baby son Kyle and his great grandparents, Mammer and Poppa, he was their first great-grandchild.

Kyle, Kalyn and their Mammer, when Kalyn was new to this earth.

Rest In Peace, Sweet Mammer!


Daisy Lupin said...

So sorry Beth, to hear of you and your children's loss, especially at this time of year. I know when my father died it was my son that was the one that cried and was the most upset, and he was, at the time, a huge hunk of 25, boys do seem to have that soft inner core deep inside. I am sure she will be glad to be with her husband again.

Jeanie said...

Beth, so sorry to hear such a sad thing at this time of year. Or any time, for that matter. I've lived with a number of holiday deaths with my own parents and some dear relatives, and while its never easy, it feels so very hard to be "merry" when you are aching inside. I'm grateful they have you and a loving family to help them through.

Kentucky Gal said...

Hugs to you and yours my's hard any time but at Christmas blog is down but I'm here if you need me at

Mary Timme said...

Oh, Beth,

This is a sad, but beautiful time for you. I know you and your daughter and family miss your Mammer, but what a memory to hold dear.

AnnieElf said...

Dear Beth, Many hugs flying your way. The sweet memories of g-g'mother will be her great legacy. What a wonderful life she must have had surrounded by so much love.

vicci said...

Oh Bethie...I am so sorry!!! It is so sad! Please know I said a special prayer for all of you! Love...Vicci

miss*R said...

beth - I am so sorry for you all - this time of year is especially hard to be losing someone.
How wonderful though for you children to have had their great grandmother for this long - memories to cherish for sure xo

Rosa said...

It's so hard to lose loved ones. I am so sorry Bethy.