Saturday, December 30, 2006

One less evil in our world today!

Adios to Saddam!

(Now with that being said)Its been a busy past couple of days. On wednesday night, Mom spent the night and she brought her new book that I got her for Christmas. Its Bernie Berlin's new ATC book. It has alot of great ATC techniques in it. We had fun playing with several different techniques.
Here is a pic of Mom hard at work on hers!

She was trying the technique of painting on paper towels with Lumineir paints. They make very pretty background papers for ATCs.
The next day I took Mom out to visit with her sisters and they exchanged Christmas presents. My Aunts are very wonderful women. My Aunt Doll has been a survivor of breast cancer for over 20 years now. She is 84, and still going strong, she lost her husband 2 years ago, she told me on Thursday that Christmas wasn't the same without him, they had been married 66 years.
My Aunt Addie(Adelaide), is 87 and her health has deteriorated this past year. Her children wanted to go into an assisted living apartment, but she is stubborn and said "no way", lol.
She can not see very well due to macular degeneration. Mom made both of them a cute little book with cartoons of the YaYa sisters. Aunt Addie couldn't read it very well so I ran to Wallys and bought both of the Aunts the magnifying glasses that you use to do cross stitching , they hang around your neck giving your hands free to hold books or cross stitching, etc...
Aunt Addie called me yesterday to tell me how much she loved hers. She is such a sweetie. Every time I go to her house she always gives me some jewelry that she has saved for me. This time she gave me some gold earrings that was my grandmothers. Here is a pic of all three of them opening their presents.

My Aunt Doll is on the left, then Mother, and then Aunt Addie. Aren't they precious? I am so proud to have such wonderful, strong, women to look up too. They have always been very close. The picture below is of them when they were young women with their sweet Mother.
Mom's on the left with that sharp black and white dress, their Mother, Aunt Doll, and Aunt Addie. I love this pic!
Yesterday I went out on a picture taking spree with the new toy. I went down the back roads that I always come home on every day after work. Its all farm land and the river runs along the back side of the land and you can see the bluffs on the other side.

This shot of the bluff is made with my optical zoom. I am very far away from the bluffs, you can barely see them from where I was standing. Thats why I do love my toy SO MUCH! Thank you Santa Daniel for the toy!
When I got home I could see the moon up in the pretty blue sky,,so I just had to see if I could zoom in on it too.

I think it turned out quite well. I managed to get a tree branch in the shot, but look how close that moon looks. Did I say I just LOVE my new toy,,lol?
Today I am taking down my Christmas tree and decorations. I know your suppose to wait till after New Years, but I never do, I am ready to have my regular surroundings back.
And last of all I just want to say "GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDANCE to another evil leader" Now that Saddam is dead, we just need Bin Laden, I hope they keep the noose ready for his Evil towel head.

Now, with my political and moral opinions expressed. Let me be the first to say "Happy New Years to all of my wonderful friends!!!"


Kentucky Gal said...

I loved the pictures of your loved grandmother is always giving me her costume jewelery...I dare not say "Oh, that's pretty" or I'll go home with it on my finger...something about that generation of women...she is 81...gotta luv em!!
Happy New Year!!

Daisy Lupin said...

I love your photo of the moon in the deep blue sky, your camera seems fantastic. Have a wonderful New Year weekend, I am busy changing my blog over to the new system. xx

vicci said...

Happy New Year Sweet Bethie! I love the old photos...and the new ones with your new toy!!!! Santa was good to you! I look forward to our special friendship in 2007...Love ya!

Maryellen said...

I just wanted to say Happy New Year to you Beth.