Friday, December 15, 2006

Spring again in Tennesse

Yes, this is my Christmas tree this year. Its so pretty, I have had it up for a while but just haven't posted a pic of it. But Wow,,it sure doesn't feel like Christmas here right now. The weather is so nice. We made it up to the mid 60s today. All week has been so nice. I just can't get use to seeing people out Christmas shopping with shorts and sandals on. I have been saying I just can't get into the Christmas mood with this kind of weather. But after doing some Christmas shopping the past few days, its really nice not having to lug a heavy coat around in the stores, or running to your car with arms full of presents while a cold rain is drenching you, lol.
The weather is suppose to stay this way up until Monday, tomorrows high is going to be in the 70s.
I haven't posted since Tuesday, but work has been hectic this week. I just want to come home and do nothing. Its always this way at the end of our semesters. Next week will be a breeze as exams start on Tuesday and we are out of school on Thursday. I don't have to go back to work until next year, Jan 8, 2007. I still can't believe another year has gone by so quickly. But they do seem to go faster the older you get, lol.
I got a early Christmas present tonight from Daniel. He let me open it early. Its Adobe Photoshop 5.0, I have been playing with it tonight. I am more use to Paintshop Pro, but Photoshop is very similiar. There are alot of different techniques that Photoshop has that Paintshop doesn't have. So be looking for some neat pics that I will be posting as I experiment with this fun toy!
Below is a pic I did of my Spoiled brat Terrier, Lady. I used the water color filter on it.
I think that is so neat looking. Yep,,I am going to be have fun with this!
I have a little more shopping to do tomorrow, and then I should be finished. Next comes the wrapping of the presents.
I hope everyone has had a good week and has a GREAT WEEK-END! I am posting a few more pics below of some of my Christmas deco.
Below is a pic of my Santa collection and reindeer collection.

Next pic is of my nativity collection. I have had to slow down on all my collections until I get a bigger house, lol.

And the last pic that I will leave you with is the sunset behind my simple, little house that is decorated with Christmas lights.


Tammy said...

I've had my tree up for the last few days, but too busy (lazy) to post a picture of it...I guess I'll need to!!!
Loved your pics...

Janet said...

Your tree is beautiful! We've been having temps in the 60's too. We're supposed to get rain tomorrow. I'll believe it when I get wet!
I have PaintShop Pro 9 and don't know how to use it!! Lucky you if you know how. I've heard PhotoShop is great.

Mary Timme said...

What a lovely collection of Santa's, reindeer and nativity, plus I'm in love and blown away by your snowflakes on your blog.

Your tree is lovely, beautiful and really wow! Enjoyed all the pictures and I guess I could take photos of mine, but I don't have neat collections or anything. I love yours. Thanks for sharing.
Wow! Photo Shop is supposed to be great I like Lady, brat or not.

Cat said...

Great tree and pics! And I'm jealous- Adobe Photoshop! Cool!

I got your terrific Lady ATC's in the mail today! I LOVE them, as does Blue his Christmas card! THANKS!

Hugs, Cat

Jungle Jane said...

Hi Beth,
Hasn't this weather been crazy? It's been in the 50's here all week. I still have impatients bloomin on my deck....WIERD. Thanks for sharing the photos of your collections. I loved the sunset behind your house.

Daisy Lupin said...

Lovely tree. I am so glad you are having a long holiday over Christmas, and that great early Christmas present, you are really going to have fun.

Rosa said...

What a great present! I'm still learning on my Photoshop (4). I've heard that you never learn it all, so at least I'm not alone! I adore your collections!! And your house looks wonderful!! Love those lights, GF! I would never ever put lights around the top of the house, you know who would have to take them down! ME! But I've always wanted to! Love yours!! And your woods look wonderful! Do you think we'll ever be able to light another fire??? Yep, kinda warm, but not complaining! xoxo