Monday, December 04, 2006

This is me when I was a baby and my wonderful big brother. I just had to share this picture of us as this was how wonderful he was to me. I think his bag was full of my toys, but he loved making me believe in Santa. He is the brother who we went to see on Saturday. He is the brother that has always been here for me and he has always been my hero. My mom said that when he got in from school in the afternoons, she had a instant babysitter. He has always watched out for me and made sure no one hurt me.
We had a great time at his house on saturday. When he got remarried several years ago his wife had a house and he owned one too. So she moved into his house when they got married. Her daughter lived in Sarah's house, but moved out last year. My brother has been remodeling it ever since then and it is beautiful now. The took us over and showed it to us.
This is the lovely living room. He redid the floor and fireplace. The before and after pictures were amazing. They plan on selling the house and should get a very nice price for it. We really had a great visit with them. I love to spend time with my brother.
I went back to work today to a very, very, cold office. We are having some very frigid temps right now and the heat in my office is not working. I spend most of the day huddled up next to a small electric heater, with my heavy coat on. Also had some gloves on,,it is very difficult to type with gloves on. The maintenance men are suppose to come out and work on the heat tomorrow. I hope they get it fixed as we have even more cold weather headed in here by Wednesday. When it gets this cold I wish it would just snow. After such a warm week last week with the highs in the mid 70s, this high of 35 today felt like North Pole weather.
Tomorrow I will post pics of some of my newest art that I created and that I received in the past few days.
I hope every one had a great Monday!


vicci said...

Bethie....Girl! I have been so was grocery bills...all that stuff! I haven't forgotten my phone call...just wanted you to know that I love ya....and I LOVE your photos...they are precious! Look at you! that is the sweetest picture!

Rosa said...

What a sweet big bro! Mine always beat me up. Poor me. . . hehe. I love that pic. I love the tree, but the big question is, who's hand is that on the sofa? ha. That living room is beautiful, your brother did a great job on the floor and fireplace. I love that old deco chest of drawers. Thanks for sharing the pics! Yes, it is soooo cold! Are we spoiled or what? Think we definately spoiled Jane with our nice weather, and now we're paying for it! Burrr doggy!!! xoxo

Maryellen said...

Thanks for sharing these 2 pics with us.

I haven't been doing much bloging lately. Been very busy with the 9for9 swap. It's done now so maybe I can socialize a bit more now.

Janet said...

Love the photos. I always wanted an older brother! My son was like that with his sister....he took care of her all the time. They were inseparable right through his teen years!
The fireplace and floors look great. I'm sure they won't have any trouble selling that house. And the chest of drawers in that photo....just beautiful!

Rosa said...

Bethey! Did you see the moon? It's Cosmos' moon (Moonstruck)!!

Cat said...

Hi Beth! I had a great big brother too, I was his shadow.

Blue is in the mail (well not Blue, just ATC's of him) - be sure to say hi to Lady for him!

Smiles, Cat