Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sunshine, Shopping and Santa

I bet you cannot guess who that is on Santa's lap! Oh,, you guessed it! Its just little Beth, letting Santa know what I wanted and how VERY GOOD I was! Now that was when Christmas was fun and carefree, lol. Oh, those were the days! I think I was about 6 years old in that pic, so it would have been 1968. I wish I knew what I wanted for Christmas that year. I know a new doll was on the list, I always wanted the newest, coolest doll each year, lol. But now that I think on it, I do believe that was the year that I got a "Easy bake Oven". Everyone remembers those cool little ovens , they would cook your cake with a light bulb.

I can actually remember making a cake a piece for my parents and brothers, I think Mom let me put some frosting on them, I guess to help make them a little easier to enjoy them when they had to eat them. Oh yeah,,the good old days!

I have had a busy day today. I had to finish up my packages and get to the Post Office before noon. I just have a couple more to mail out on Monday, then P.O runs will be over.
After the P.O., I went up to Moms, her and I did a little more Christmas shopping. It was another beautiful day again. I am getting kind of use to this weather. Our high tomorrow is suppose to break the record for that date. A nice, balmy 72 degrees. Such strange weather.
My in-laws who live up on the Pugent Sound in Washington state had a nasty, stormy, on friday. Oregon and Washington state had some terrible wind and rain. Alot of folks up that way have alot of damage and major power outages. We haven't been able to reach them by phone yet, hoping all is ok for them.
So, I am almost finished with my shopping. Just a few more little things here and there.
Tomorrow I am going to make some chocolate covered pretzels and ritz crackers with Peanut Butter between them, dipped in white chocolate bark. These are so easy to make, so I don't mind making them, I am not "love to cook" girl, so easy is what I like best.

I am going to make some to put in Christmassy containers for my friends at work. The rest will be for our celebrations at home. I am also going to make some "nuts and bolts" to munch on during Christmas, they are easy too, and Daniel and the kids love them.
Oh, and tomorrow I am going to try to post a pic of the beautiful "blue" poinsetta that Daniel gave me today. Its the first time I have seen a blue poinsetta, but it is quite lovely!
I am going to post a few more Christmassy pics. But first I just want to say "have a great Sunday! Only 8 more shopping days left,,yippee!




Rosa said...

You are too cute! I would recognize that sweet face anywhere! Yes, warm!! I had all the doors open wide today, it was gorgeous!! Can't wait for you to be off work Bethy so we can run! OOOOOOh!!! Merry merry! xoxo

vicci said...

You are such a little munchkin Elf!!!! I love it! I want the easy bake oven! I loved mine! You are busy is BAKING day!!! Love ya...Vicci Ho! Ho! Ho!

Tammy said...

I remember Easy Bake Ovens...I burnt myself on one...ouch!!
The weather is warmer than normal here too, which is fine by me!!

Mary Timme said...

I think we are trying to send some cold weather your way. I'm concerned for all the people we know in the NW part of the country. Rain they are used to, but not this storm kind of stuff. Have a great day.sloavii

Janet said...

My daughter always wanted an easy bake oven!! I think her brother actually wanted her to get one so she would make goodies for him!!

You look so cute sitting on Santa's lap.

I'm with you on the kitchen stuff....I'm no Martha Stewart!