Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursdays treasures!

My goodness, my mailbox has been producing some wonderful art this week. I also recieved some great art last week that I have not posted yet either. I guess I will start with today and work backwards towards last week. First off, its been a bitterly cold day today. Also we saw our first snow flurries today. It snowed pretty good this morning, but didn't last very long. It did get me in the Christmas mood though. Further to the east of us, as you go up the towards the mountains, recieved some pretty good snows, enough to let schools out early. Tonight's low is going to be around 9 degrees out here where I live. Sure dread getting out and leaving at 6 a.m. tomorrow,,not fun.
Here is what I received today in the mail.

Aren't these the cutest ATCs that you have ever seen? And just who is that cute pooch on them? Well its none other than my dear, extremely talented, blogger friend, Cat, and her precious Jack Russell named Blue. We decided to do a ATC trade of our beloved dogs. I have a Rat Terrier that is very similiar to a Jack Russell. I am still working on my "Lady" ATCs, but you will get them soon Cat and Blue. I just love these so much, they are awesome Cat!!!
Also, today I received a very wonderful present from my dear blogger friend Janet. This wonderful lady is so talented too. I just about cried when I saw this beautiful felt heart ornament that she sent to me. And a awesome card to go with it too.

Thank you so much Sweet Janet! Santa will be visiting your mailbox soon! I feel so lucky to have such wonderfully artistic friends!
Also today, I recieved my 9 for 9 ATC Collage. My dear blogger and ATC group friend, Maryellen, hosted this awesome swap. There were 9 participants in the swap. Maryellen swapped our ATCs and then made all of us a really cool collage.Thanks again, Maryellen!

The next wonderful piece of art is from Dotee. She is in the Daisy Lupin Friendship Quilt piece swap. This is the wonderful quilt piece that she sent to me last week. I Love it! It is so cool!
This is perfect for me because I am such a flower fanatic! I wish I was over in warm Australia right now and visiting with Dotee and with dear Robyn! I just hate cold weather! Isn't this piece gorgeous? Thanks dear Dotee!!
Next on the Beth Blogger Art Tour is a wonderful surprise that Jane brought to me last week when she came to visit Mom and I. It is a Ostrich egg that she handpainted. They are aborigine birds. I just Love the colors on it. Daniel has already put it in our sunroom where all of our Southwestern Indian decor is at. It looks great there. I put this little frame around it in Paintshop Pro.

It is on a little stand too. She made one for Mom too, it has a Christmas scene on it that she painted. Jane is very talented too! She also collage a cute little paper machei box too.
While she was here we got together at Sweet Rosie's gorgeous house with our friend from Alabama, Jill. We were suppose to bring ATCs to trade but guess who forgot hers,,yep,,it was me. But they were forgiving and gave me some wonderful ATCs and formica chips too.

Now didn't I have some great art to share with you? I am proud of it all. I do have a few more pieces, but I will wait and share them with you tomorrow. I feel very blessed today. Now I think I will go crawl under some warm covers,,lol. Did I say I really HATE cold weather?


Janet said...

You weren't kidding when you said you got a lot of art in the mail!! I'm glad you like the little felt heart. I love that quilt block. Just keep looking at that and thinking of summer while the cold wind blows. And stay warm!!

Cat said...

Oh my gosh I think Santa came to visit you early!!! What wonderful treasures you recieved!

I'm so glad that Blue worked his way into your heart, as I'm sure Lady will to mine!

Dotee said...

What a great stash Beth!! I love the ATC's Cat made for you with images of her beautiful dog Blue. Gorgeous!

The heart ornament is lovely.

Glad you like my little 6 x quilt piece. I loved making her for you!!

Creative mail really is the best isn't it?

It's hard to imagine snow over here in our Australian's going to be a scorcher of a weekend here!

Take care, keep warm.

Dotee xx

Daisy Lupin said...

What beautiful items you have posted you certainly have been a lucky lady for mail this week.

Rosa said...

Whaaaa, lucky you. What a jackpot! Wow! I am still cracking up at that little doggy atc that says "I sowwy." Too cute! They are all gorgeous! Man. Wish I had signed up for that one now. Boo hiss. It is darn cold, ain't it Bethy! xxoo

Maryellen said...

Are you sure you didn't raid Santa's bag of goodies. This is so much fun to see so much talent in one place. Isn't Cat just way over the top talented.

Anonymous said...

That's so great! You got a whole lot of really beautiful things!


Rosa said...

Good news is that it looks like everything else is intact. I don't know why it would have lost your links. Hmmm. You know this blogger is crazy. I think I may have lost mine one time come to think of it. Call me and we'll run through it. Also, you might want to copy your template over to word or something, just in case it ever does it again. That way, you can pull things up if you need to. I should probably do that again too. Anyhoo, everything else looks good. I was wondering if you had also lost your profile since it is close to your links, but it's there. xxoo PS I fell asleep at 6:00 and woke up at 6:00 this morning! yawwwwn. Feel like Rumplesteelskin!

Rosa said...

I put the word out for you friend, but it's going to cost you tea and punch, I'm afraid!