Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Today has been another mellow day. I sure could get use to having mellow days like this all the time. It has been to cold to go out and it has looked like it could snow all day, but it didn't. I really wanted some snow so I could take some pics of it with the new toy.
So I decided it was time to clean up the art room. I packed away all of my Christmas stamps, papers, stickers, and all ephemera. I only had 2 full boxes of it,lol. I did keep out all of my snow stamps and anything wintery.

After I cleaned it all and could walk around the room, lol, I got to work on some deco books that I have had for a week. The picture above is a page that I did for one deco for a Round Robin I am participating in. This is for Shoshanah's book. A cute little snow angel.
The next picture is for the one I did in Judi's deco book.
The next picture was for Debrynda's deco book.
These are just fun little books to work in. It really got me in a snow mood. I also finished up 4 chunky pages for another group that I am in.
So this is what I did today. Just played all day. Tomorrow is suppose to be warmer and I will get out for a bit. I want to get some rechargable batteries and a charger for my new toy. I am also going to get some "healthy" food to stock the kitchen with. All the Christmas goodies are gone. I have been good today and have ate alot of fruit and veggies and some tuna. I gained way too much weight during the holidays. I also walked 15 min. on the treadmill. I am going to stay motivated,,yes I am ,,lol.
I hope every one else is having a nice, mellow , day after Christmas.


Kentucky Gal said...

Beth...talk about mellow...I did not even get out of my jammies till 1pm!!!
I hear ya on the healthy eating and exercise...I'm one that gets stressed and starts eating too much...and I've been under a lot of stress these past four months...arrrggggg!!
I also need a new treadmill...I always do better with one but my broke down after 30 min a day for 2 years...boohoo!!
Love the snow angel!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I oughta shovel some snow into the back of a pickup and take it out to you...LOL!
We're expecting more on Thursday!

I'm having a nice mellow day as well. Went to watch a movie...and dropped by the bookstore...nice...

Have a Great Evening!

miss*R said...

there is nothing wrong with playing all day ~ especially the day after Christmas - we all deserve a break !!
oh and I love that little snow angel - so sweet
(thankyou for the card & gift that I received yesterday x0 - I was a rubbish Christmas gal and sent no cards out this year)

Mary Timme said...

We are the jammies lover's of the world! Isn't it odd that the first thing we do when stressed is overeat so we feel worse! Amazing! We are always amazing!

Loved the snow flakes. Not too happy about the ones coming down here, but...