Tuesday, December 12, 2006

mail surprises!

Now that I am back to normal with my blog I can post some pics of some wonderful surprises that I recieved yesterday. When I got home from work I has some surprises waiting in the mail for me. My Girlie friend Vicci sent me the sweetest ornament and a yummy candle and card. The Post Office tried to destroy the package but they didn't succeed,,nah nah hoo hoo! Heres my prizes from her.

I just love the ornie, Vicci and the candle(I am a candle freak). Thanks, Girlie!!!
Also, from that same talented family, I got a wonderful Christmas ATC and card from Maryellen.

Aren't they so cute? Thanks Sweet Maryellen,,you rock girl!
Then while I was sitting there admiring my prezs,,,I heard a thump on the porch. I went to the door and there was a box on the porch and a UPS truck pulling out of the drive. Well, when I openned it there was a wonderful stack of gift boxes all tied together with a beautiful bow. This was a Thank you present from the delightful Jane! She sent one to my Mom too, thanking us for her our hospitality while she visited with us.

Now your thinking "well what in the world are in those beautiful boxes?" In the top one there are some yummy cordial chocolate cherrie candies,,or should I say there "were" some very yummy chocolate cherries,,lol, but now they are gone,,I ate them all. In the medium box was some excellent nuts,,(they are about half gone now, hey,,I got hungry today). And in the big box was some very delicious pears,,only 1 missing now,,I have to be careful how many healthy stuff I eat right now,,lol.
So wasn't I a lucky chicky yesterday? I must have been a good girl this year. Nah,,I just got some really sweet friends,,thats all.
I stayed home today and worked on some art projects and some are going in the mail tomorrow,,some will go out the next day or two.
Does anyone watch the Rachael Ray show? Is she too perky or what? I love her recipes and tips,,but does she have to be so durn perky? lol But at least she isn't plastic looking,,I do appreciate that.
Well I hope every one has had a good day. Its back to spring again here now. Rain all day and warm temps. Suppose to be in the mid 60s all the way up to the middle of next week. Then who knows,,probably be a blizzard then,,thats the way it is here in Tennessee. Have a great rest of the day!


Daisy Lupin said...

I love the new blog Beth, you are so brave, I have still to make the change over, and I am so scared of losing all my side bar stuff as it took so long for me to work out how to get all my various little badges there.

Tammy said...

what a lot of nice loot you've got there...my Hubby's favorite candy is the chocolate covered cherries...my daughter sent us a box which we got today...she had a bag of the new Hershey's Kisses...chocolate cherry flavor...they are stinkin' sinful!!
Gal, I just now noticed you are from TN...I'm orinally from Ky and now in Ky!! Ever heard of Paducah Ky?
Have a great day!!

vicci said...

Sweets...Glad you liked your little Xmas cheer! I have not forgotten you! just busy..love ya, Vicci

Janet said...

You got lots of goodies! My mom's favorite was chocolate covered cherries. Everytime I see them I think of her.

I agree that Rachel Ray is just waay too perky but I like a lot of the recipes she does.

Maryellen said...

Glad you liked the card and ATC. And of course I love Chocolate more than any other candy. That is why I diet all summer.... Holidays and goodies .... yum yum.