Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wonderful surprise in the mailbox!

Look at this beautiful book that I received today in the mail. Its from my dear friend Vicci! It was just what I needed today. Its been a rainy, dreary day! It made me so happy and really brightened my world. I Love Thomas Kincaid,,his art is awesome! Vicci remembered that I loved him and she sent me this lovely book. Its full of his art and some wonderful poems and quotes! Thanks Girlie,,you know I Love Ya!!!
Today is my last day off from my fall break. I have spent most of it making some art projects. Several of my friends have birthdays this month, so I am working on some special art for them.
Shhhhhhhhh! :)
Also today in the mailbox I received a beautiful Quiltie art page from one the groups that I am in. We have been doing a page a fabric page a month. This months theme was "Scraps of Magic". Its it so awesome!
This lovely quiltie was made by my friend Lyn B. It has some great beadwork on it too.

Some of the art I have worked on today is my Winter postcards. I have to have 19 of them. I am up to 11 at the present. I will try to post a pic of one each time I post in my blog. Below is the first one I am posting.
Doesn't this make you want some snow? Hope every one has a great evening! Oh, and thanks for the compliments on my new hair style. I took everyones advice and made it my profile pic.



Janet said...

You had a great mailbox day!! Love the little butterfly quiltie. And your little snowman postcard is so cute....but, no thanks on the snow!!

Boo Hoo...your fun time is over and it's back to work!

Rosa said...

Good for you. Don't you love the post!! Yuk, back to work and yucky weather too. How are you feeling? xo

Daisy Lupin said...

Love the new photograph of you, your hair is really nice, it really suits you.
I wonder are you the person who loves flowers that a quilt piece might be for? hee hee.
Love the house on the cover of the book Vicci sent you, it's what I have always called a real American house and when I was a little girl watching American TV programmes was convinced that all Americans lived in houses just like this.

Jeanie said...

I love your winter postcard, Beth, but no, even something that cute doesn't make me long for snow! I'll be seeing way too much of that, way too soon!


Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

don't you just love postal surprises? how wonderful of that sweet, generous Vicci. and wow the quiltie and your postcard are great! I so love that you used the "new do" pic on your profile!