Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chilly Thursday!

The past two days have been very, very rainy. Today has been windy, cold, and rainy. We have had a little over 3 inches of rain since Tuesday night. Am I ready for sunshine now,,yes I definetly am ready for that bright ball in the sky!!
I was so thrilled last night that Emmit won Dancing with the stars. I felt like he would win. Mario was really good,,but I just liked Emmits personality.
I haven't really been doing much art this week. I come home from work and I just cannot get motivated, I am so tired. I guess its just the winter blahs, I will adjust. It will be nice only having to work 2 days next week,,so that will be great! Then my good friend will be flying in the monday after Thanksgiving and I can't wait. I won't go back to work until after I take her to the airport the Thursday after Thanksgiving, nice long break!
This past sunday I did make my ornaments for Janes ornament swap. I got this idea from last years Christmas Somerset.

I actually disected a glittery butterfly that I got at the Dollar tree in oder to make the Angels wings. I also made the slide mount with a template that I have. The heart is very pretty little heart bead. The scan doesn't really do it justice.
Here are a few of more Christmas Postcards for the Postcard swap.

The snow family, snoopy and the penguin are ink jet transparencys. I put white ultrafine glitter under snoopy and the penguin, so they were real sparkly. I love Snoopy, doesn't everyone love Peanuts. I always loved Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. I still watch Charlie Brown's Christmas. There are a few Christmas shows that I must watch during the Christmas season. Charlie Brown, Rudolph, The Christmas Story( You'll shoot your eye out with a BB gun), and one of my very, very favorites is Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase aka Sparky. I still laugh like crazy every time I watch it.
Well I guess I will try to visit a few of my friend's blogs and then try to do a little art tonight. I hope every one has a great night.


vicci said...

I love the slide ornament Sweets! It's beautiful! It is chilly here right now...but the sun did try to poke through earlier! I'm gladd Emmett won also....I didn't think he would! Love ya!

AnnieElf said...

Your ornament is so sweet. Love the postcards. I hope by January I'll be creating AND swapping again.

Jeanie said...

I'm with you on Emmitt! He had such a warm enthusiasm -- and was darned good, too!

I know everyone from our swap group is hoping they get one of your ornaments! Incredibly beautiful!

Wishing you sunshine. (It's gloomy here in Michigan, too!)

Cat said...

Hi Beth! Your angel ornament is wonderful!

I seem to slow down on art too up until the New Year when some sort of new inspiration always hits!

LisaOceandreamer said...

the ornament is just so clever Beth...and all your postcards as all your art are great!
I actually clapped and said YES!outloud when Emmett won! lol!