Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bye to Joey

Awhhhhh,,,so sad. Joey Lawrence had the least amount of the votes tonight on "Dancing with the Stars." It made me sad. I liked him. I loved his enthusism and how he wasn't afraid to talk about his faith. Plus he had a really nice,,uh,,smile,,yes,,a smile, and other parts of him was nice too. For some reason I just felt like he would be the one to go tonight. I Love Emmit,,and I think he should win because he was the most improved. Mario is cute too, but to me, it seems like he has somewhere been a professional dancer before. I felt that way last year about Drew Laschey too, but he won too. I am sure Mario will probably win next week,,but still hope Emmit does. Ok,,enough excitement for me tonight, lol.
I finally finished all of my winter postcards and off the will go in the mail tomorrow. Just came home and whipped the rest out, after a hard day at work, its nice to do something fun. So,,heres another postcard,,although several have said, "no snow yet, please" lol.
These sure were fun to make. But 19 of them? I am tired of snow now,,lol. Hope everyone has a great night!


Janet said...

Oh, no!! I thought that would happen but I'm still sad that it's him. I think Mario will take it although I'd love to see Emmitt snatch it away from him! Mario seems just a little insincere and a little full of himself! Just my opinion!!

Jeanie said...

I was hoping for Emmitt and Joey for all the reasons everyone has said! Oh, well. Now it's "Go, Emmitt!" -- You're right -- he is the most improved!

Love your snow card, though I'm still in the "no snow yet!" category. That's a ton! I was challenged with 12 or 13 tags!

Cheers -- welcome back to work!

g said...

Hi Beth! Thansk for stopping by! Do you ever do anything with gingerbreads? Your work is gorgeous!

Kai said...

Those are lovely cards..
I want Emmitt to win, because he's too cute and cheeky with just enough charm.
Mario is a little to **I love me-ish*
...and dont get me started on
Peace, Kai

Rosa said...

I liked Joey too. I actually voted for him (and I never vote on these things!). Isn't it funny what shows capture our interest? I would have never thought, in a million years, that I would be watching DWS! haha. Yes, now I hope Emmett wins. I don't like ol' dimples. Wow Beth, that's a lot of cards! Now, if we could get some real snow -- although today was GORGEOUS, wasn't it!! Did you see the moon last night? I almost sent you an email when I got home from seeing it but I forgot! Duh. Oh, and by the way, big hugs for the sweet comment on my mom. I know you can relate because you are so close to your mom too. loveya kiddo!! xxoo

Maryellen said...

I'm not into TV Beth, but just wanted to see what you've been up to over here on your blog. Hope that hand is healing up and you are gettin on with it all. I posted your mom's RAK of cat cards for me. So sweet.