Sunday, November 26, 2006

Delightful Thanksgiving week-end!

This was my table on Thanksgiving Day. And all my precious loved ones gathered around it. Dinner was great, and spending time with all of them was even better. I modified the picture in PSP8. I hope everyone else has had a wonderful Holiday week-end.
I will post more hopefully later today!


vicci said...

This looks wonderful Bethie!!! I have tons to tell you...will call you soon! Love you!

Maryellen said...

What a great presentation of this cozy Thanksgiving gathering. Did you do this mz handy gal? or is it a site that supplies borders? If the later, would you consider sharing. Love the idea.
As for your mom's 9for9, no problem. Just glad they weren't lost. I'm one who accepts things the way they go. I prefer not to fight the current of the river of life. To difficult. You have a great Sunday too. Then some of us have to go back to work. You lucky lady.

Anonymous said...

Beth...great pic and it looks like everyone was having a great time.

Rosa said...

What a wonderful table. Isn't family wonderful! I am soooo behind reading blogs . . . happy belated anniversary!! congrats!! Hey! Where are we meeting on Wednesday??? xxoo

Janet said...

That looks great! I love the leaves you added as a border.

It's always nice to have good company at the table and it seems you did.