Saturday, November 11, 2006

rainy saturday

After two days of beautiful warm, almost hot, days, we are now back into more seasonable rain and cool temps. Thursday and Friday were awesome. I came home on friday and spent most of the day doing some raking in the yard, and planted more pansys.
Yesterday I had to be in a computer workshop all day. It was totally boring!!! Basic computer. I was forced to attend by the big boss at the school board. Its amazing that some of the other attendance officers just have such a mind block against computers. Our supervisor has told everyone that they either learn how do their work on the computer or else.
So, we had to sit in a hot stuffy room yesterday and learn how to check our e-mails, do attachments, and how to make folders on the computer. I spent my time just checking my e-mails, writing friends, and surfing. Brad, the young guy that teaches the class, was like "why are you even here?" He knows that I am a little more advanced than that as I have taken his Word II and Excell II classes. I did try to help some of my friends that didn't know how to do some things on the computer. But good news is we got out pretty early and I came home and finished up my postcards.
Today I am going to go up to Moms and help her clean her house. Then we are going to go to this little outlet store that has some great clothes. Then probably do a little art.
Tomorrow her and I are going to go pick up my Aunt(her sister) and do a little more shopping, then bring my Aunt back to my Moms so she can spend the week with her. My Aunt Addelaide is going to be 89 in February, but she is still going strong. She did have a set back a couple of months ago, but has recovered from it. At first her children were trying to make her go to Assisted Living, but she is stubborn and said "hell no",,lol. She has a beautiful apartment and flat refused to move, so he children gave in, lol.
Well I don't have any more great news to blab about so I will just post another one of my winter postcards and tell everyone to have an awesome week-end!


Janet said...

We had a couple of days that were HOT but now it's chilly rain though. I had to do some of those boring classes when I was still working. Hated them!! Such a waste of time and money. But at least it's behind you now.

Have fun with your mom and your aunt, and show us some more art! I am enjoying all your wintery postcards.

Maryellen said...

And while at your mom's you 2 lil imps put together quite a blog about janes visit I see. So hysterical.

Rosa said...

Have fun with your aunt and mom. Yea, we have sunshine today though!! xoxo

vicci said...

Hi Bethie...Just checking on you girl!!!! It's raining today (monday)...I'll be working on more ya...

miss*R said...

something should be in your mail box real soon!