Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fun day!

I have had a fun day today with my Mom and our dear friend Jane. Jane flew down from New York yesterday to spend several days with us. She is in our ATC group and we have finally got to meet her.
We picked her up yesterday afternoon at the airport, we took her back to my Moms and I took her through downtown Nashville to show her a few of our landmarks. When we got to Moms we had a late lunch, and then she gave both me and Mom a present. It is was Ostrich eggs that she had hand painted. They are beautiful. I will post a pic of them later in the week. She is so talented. She also had made us both a beautiful papermache box too,,loved them both.
We looked at some altered book and decos that we all had worked in and others had worked in too. Then I taught Jane how to do Iris folding. She caught right on.
Jane is exactly how I thought she would be,,very fun and such a great personality. She feels like family!

Today we got up and went shopping most of the day. Jane treated Mom and I to a great lunch at a Mexican restaurant. It was yummy and I am still full from it. The picture above is Mom and Jane at the restuarant. I spent last night up there, but had to come home tonight.
Tomorrow we are going to meet with two other great friends from our art group. We are meeting Jill who is coming up from Alabama, and Rosemary who lives close by. We are all meeting at Hobby Lobby, and then going to eat a great restaurant. Then we are headed over to Rosemarys and Jane is going to teach us all how to do some paper quilling. That is going to be so cool! Later Jill is going to follow us back to Moms house and spend the night, we will stay up late and do some art and gab alot.
On Thursday morning I will be taking Jane to the airport and then going back to work,(do I have too?). This is going to be a wonderful week to remember. I will post more pics of the fun we are going to have. Its been so warm here every since Thanksgiving. But now they are saying cold front coming in Thursday with a mix of rain and snow on friday. Bye bye nice weather,,hello winter.

Well I will be going and resting up for the big day tomorrow. Hi to all my blogger buds,,and I will be trying to catch up on all of your blogs as soon as I can.
Have a great day tomorrow!


Maryellen said...

Don't be thinking about work until you have to return. Just enjoy your time with Jane 100%. So fun and wonderful the 2 of you get to meet her.

Janet said...

It sounds as if you're having quite a time! I'm so envious of you getting to meet other crafters and doing things together.

Enjoy your days off and learn lots of new things to show us all.

AnnieElf said...

What fun. So like when Jane was here a year ago. Come back Little Jane, come back.

Daisy Lupin said...

Sounds like you are having really good fun, I know the feeling when you have had a wonderful time off work and then you have to go back. It is hard.

vicci said...

I LOVE it!!!! You guys are having soooo much fun!!!! and all that wonderful food....and art....and...!!!! Jane and Lottie...you two look wonderful! Have tons more fun!