Sunday, November 05, 2006

Full Moon, fab fall days, and wounded wing.

So I am finally able to type again. Yes,,Ms. Grace here took a little spill in some wet leaves on Wednesday afternoon. As I was bringing my trash can down from the road I slipped and tried to catch myself with my right hand. I should have just landed on the big cushion on my backside,lol. I guess it was just instinct to put my hand down first. Any ways,,I hurt my right hand. It swelled up and I had ice on it all night. I felt like it was sprained not broke as I could move it, but on Thursday the school nurse looked at and said I really should get it x-rayed. So I did, and of course it wasn't broke just sprained. I got a brace and a sling. Today is the first day that it doesn't hurt to type. And I can do some art today,,yay!
I did manage to have a yard sale this past week -end up at Moms. I just kept the brace on the arm and it was all good. I got rid of a lot of junk and made a little money. It was pretty chilly in the morning, but we stayed in the garage with the gas heater blowing on us so that wasn't too bad. Mom and I made some beads out of christmas paper and plastic aquarium tubing while we were sitting there. I will post pics of them after I make a bracelet or necklace with them.
Wow,,last night was awesome. The moon was just so beautiful. It was full. We had a nice fire again last night and cooked out. Daniel worked on the leaves all day saturday while I was doing the yard sale, so hopefully I can't kill myself on them now,,lol.
So,,how about some wonderful art pieces that I recieved in the mail this week?
First off,,here is the wonderful chunky book page that I recieved from my dear friend Jane!
Isn't beautiful? I Love it. Such great art Jane does! The next chunky page is from my dear friend Daisy!
I dearly love it too. I love flowers and fairys and this page covers both. Thanks Daisy!
The next chunky page is from another friend in our group named Michelle.
I think this is so cute! Just a real fun page! And below is my chunky page that I made and sent out too my 4 partners for this month.

I have alot of chunky pages right now. I am scanning them all and then I will make a album in my webshots and post all the pages in it. Its going to be an awesome chunky book. Its a fun swap to do each month. Thanks to Jane for thinking it up.
Below is a Quiltie page that I got from Kai. It is the first page I have recieved in the "Daisy's Friendship Quilt page swap". It is so pretty and Kai is so talented! I just love it too! Thanks Kai!!

So today I am off for fall break. All my chores are caught up, and its rainy dreary looking outside. I am kind of behind on my swaps so I must get busy on them. I have a vintage tag book to finish, 10 more winter postcards to do, and also working on Maryellen's ATC collage swap. First thing this morning I am going to go out and check on getting a new mattress and box springs. My bed is not comfy any more due to the mattress and springs being rather old and worn out. I must have a comfy bed and Hubby is ready for one too,,lol. I hope to be able to find something at a reasonable price, but when you have a king size bed, they are rather pricey.
The rest of the day I will be home and creating! Hope every one has a great day!!


Jeanie said...

Oh, Beth! It's hard to be creative with a wounded wing! Hope it's better soon!

Love your fall chunky page and all the beautiful things you shared. Sounds like you have lots on your plate this week! Take care!

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

oooh so sorry to hear about your wounded wing....I hope it's completely better soon. I was wondering where you'd been. All of the chunky pages and art are fantastic as is the quiltie from Kai! Ah the joy of art in the mail!
I so need to have a garage sale, with the amount of stuff we have I could make some serious supply money!! haha

Janet said...

Oh, no! Take good care of yourself and get back to making art 'cause we all love to see it.

The photo of the moon is awesome!

Kai said...

How sweet of you to post my little dittie.. Im glad you like it. The art for the chunky books are gorgeous!!
PEace, Kai

miss*R said...

I would love to do a chunky book page oneday or even an altered book swap. so many ideas, so little time

Rosa said...

Those pages are gorgeous! Wow. I'm working hard on ATCs Bethy! I need to have some in the wings! xo Oh, that moon was breathtaking wasn't it! Great pic. I never can get one. xoxo