Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Yes,,today is mine and Daniel's 6th wedding anniversary. We got married the day before Thanksgiving. Kalyn was my maid of honor and Kyle was Daniel's bestman. We went to the County Clerks office that was at the Courthouse in our counties seat. It was a very pretty day,,and they had this lovely Gazebo on the Courthouse lawn, so we decided to get married there. It was just us and the kids. Thats the way we wanted it. The only camera we had was a cheapo polaroid so the pictures aren't that great!
The wind was blowing pretty good so our hair looks kind of wild, lol. I just had a cast taken off of my left ankle. I had fell on Labor day and broke it really bad, I had to have a plate and 3 pins put in it an couldn't walk on it for 6 weeks. So I had to hobble around for my wedding day.
It really was a wonderful day. I can't believe how little the kids were,,now they are all grown up.
Daniel gave me a gift card to Macys last night inside a beautiful card. He always picks out the sweetest cards. He also came home with a lovely centerpiece for the table for Thanksgiving too.
Very pretty peach colored calanchios surrounding a chimny and candle. The pot that it is in is so pretty and unusual. It will look great for Turkey Day.
I have to get him something today, but I did surprise him with some socks last night,,lol. He is really picky about his socks and he likes thick warm ones in the winter. I picked up several pairs the other day at T.J. Maxx. Not sure what else I will get him today.
The past 6 years have had their ups and downs, he drives me crazy and I drive him crazy, but he is my DaddyBear and I am his MamaBear, and we would be lost without each other.
I Love you DB!!!


Jeanie said...

Congratulations, my friend! Loved the pix and the warmth that so comes through your words!

Happy Day and Happy Thanksgiving, too!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Happy Anniversary Beth!!!
and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Oh Beth...i am late in telling you congrats. will you take a belated 'congrats' happy for you two :o)