Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I haven't got to post since saturday, and I have been having blogger withdrawals!!! My internet has been acting crazy the past several days, sometimes high speed cable isn't what its cracked up to be.
The weather has been so bleak the past 2 days and really quite chilly, very Novemberish. Its suppose to storm tonight and tomorrow and then get even colder. Todays paper was saying a slight chance of snow on sunday. We might get a few flurries but the ground isn't cold enough for anything to stick. Still,,just enough to get you in a holiday mood.
Yesterday was an Awesome mail day. My mail box was full of goodies. I came in openned my packages, "oohed and ahhed", then took pictures of all my wonderful goodies so I could post them on my blog. But no,,,I couldn't get on line,,,called the cable company,,they said must be something wrong on my end, not theirs. I think it is their end,,not mine. But if I keep having these issues I will have them come out and check. So,,,,here is what I recieved yesterday.
First off,,I got the loveliest Christmas tin from my dear friend Rosy. And it was that sweeties birthday yesterday too. Happy late Birthday my dear friend!! Here is the tin, its just so pretty!

It looks like a little deocrated door. Isn't that the cutest idea? And the inside is so unique and it has a ATC in it. She is so talented.
Did I already say how much I love the tin? Well I do!!
I also got 2 Daisy quilt friendship pieces. The first one is from Daisy. It is the Lily, that she did of Georgia O'keefes art. I just love it! It so pretty, and I am a flower fanatic and also love Georgia! She also added some wonderful goodies with it too. Thanks sweet Daisy!

The next quiltie is from the wonderful Ms. Robyn. It is just precious! I love the whimsical touch and she also sent me some wonderful bath salts that smell delicous! I plan on soaking in it tonight. Thanks Ms. R,,,I do treasure it so much!
Robyn is so talented too. I just have so many wonderful talented blogger friends. And they made my day yesterday, to come home to great art instead of dreadful bills in the mailbox,,thats the best!! I also recieved some halloween postcards from a swap I was in,,a little late, but very nice. And the one on the bottom right is from my very own sweet Mom. We sent them to another lady and then she swapped them out and mailed them.
Scary huh? Loved them too!
So on saturday Mom and I got kind of crazy acting and we decided to do a little post on her blog about all the fun our good friend Jane is going to have when she comes to visit with us. She has been our friend for several years in our ATC Group. She is flying in on the 27th, the monday after Turkey day. She lives in New York, and she has a nephew here in Tn. that she is going to visit also while she is here. So Mom and I just wanted to give her a little preview of what her visit will be like here in the good "Ole South". Here is a link to Mom's blog, and if you want to laugh really hard, please go visit it.
So tonight I will be watching the last dances of Emmit and Mario. I am so pulling for Emmit and plan to vote for him. I hope everyone who likes Emmit will vote too. If you like Mario, well, you don't have to vote,,lol,,just kidding!! Have a great evening my friends!!


LisaOceandreamer said...

what wonderful love mail you received Beth, all of it unique and beautiful! It's such a joy of joys to receive the post with parcels like those!
I saw your moms blog the other day and I laughed all the way through it, that was SO funny!!
Happy creating! I can't wait to see what Emmett and Mario do for the free style dance. I think I, too, am pulling for Emmett to win!

Daisy Lupin said...

So glad that you liked the quilt piece Beth. I have just read 'what your are going to do' on your mom's blog, it is so funny, I just kept laughing as I was reading it.

Maryellen said...

Of course I love the hissy black cat Halloween card. CATS = ATCS

Lisa said...

Hi..my first time here. I love your blog and you are the first person I've ever known to put Train on their profile. In fact, I didn't think to put them but I LOVE them!

I followed you here from Daisy's blog and am so glad I did.

Jeanie said...

You are getting WAY cool art! Must be glorious to come to your mailbox, though I know what you're doing on your end to keep busy and swap back! Lovely pieces!

I love linking from blog to blog on your site! That's how I found Daisy and now Rosa!

vicci said...

Quite a mail day Sweetie....the dancing last night was fabulous!!! I really did like both! I do want Emmett to win...he's so cute. and such a graceful dancer for a man his size!

Cat said...

Hi Beth - Sounds like a lot going on there as always!

Great mail day is right!

Anonymous said...

How lucky you are :o) all of these goodies look great.