Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Important- Please help!

Hi Every one. If you remember back in July I did a post about a site that I had discovered. Here is the post on it. Well, they are having a party now and raising more money for displaced animals. The party is going to happen tomorrow and they will have a Video with all the dogs whose owners participated in the event. The dogs will have their scarves on and modeling them in pictures. Here is more info on it too.

-Post anything POSITIVE about pets: pics, decor, ideas-- on your blog. We need your links right away! Email links to: jhanson@kc.rr.com or leave here in the comments by Monday Sept. 28th 9 p.m. Central time. UPDATE: We have dozens of links -don't be left out!
-The party will feature the World Premier Video on what internet friends & bloggers did to help animals in need.
-You may embed the INSPIRING video and e-mail to friends.
-You can Twitter about it and post on Facebook.
-You can take the button and post it.
-Remember each link earns $3.00 from Design Gives Back and each comment $1.00 from us to help needy pets. All you have to do is COMMENT!
GIVEAWAY! $100.00 Hobby Lobby Gift Card
Metamorphosis Monday and Knock-out Knock-offs and Todays Thrifty Treasures are our links for today. This party transforms tragedy to treasure. BE A PART OF IT!

Here is the video!

Just click on Oliver's picture below to get to the website.

Thanks for joining in tomorrow to help with this great cause!



Kelee said...

Hi Beth!

Thank-you for making the adorable scarf! You are so kind!

Go see the video.....

love, kelee

Deb said...

What an adorable dog! Your scarf creation is fabulous!

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Yay! so excited that we raised so much money! :)

Alice W. said...

Thanks for visiting! What a cute scarf you decorated!

Yvonne said...

Beth -
Thank you for participating in the Pet Parade! I love seeing your creativity on the scarf and the blog! I'll be stopping by again!


Jeanie said...

I don't know if I'll have time to do a post on this but I can tell you my most positive thoughts on pets are Gyppy cats (and all others!) ROCK! And if I hadn't have him (and his predecessor Stimpy) literally stray into my life, it would be far less full. And I wouldn't have a good name for my blog.

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Beth,

Thank you for sharing your adorable scarf. It is so nice to meet another blogger that participated in the wonderful project.
Have a lovely week.

Kelee said...

We are getting there!...love kelee

Cat said...

Terrific cause!