Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Going to Paris!

Yes, thats right. I am going to Paris on Friday! But its Paris, Tennessee! Ha!

They do have a small little Effiel tower there. And its the home of the World's Biggest Catfish fry! But I am not going to the Catfish fry. I am going with one of my bestfriends and we are spending friday night in Paris and then going up to Land Between the Lakes. Its a very pretty area in Kentucky between the Tennessee River and the Cumberland River. Lots of trials and a Buffalo and Bison farm. A old homestead that you can go see where the people are dressed like the old days and they do the chores the old way. There is a Nature Center, planetarium, and just a really nice place to visit.
I am just glad to be going some place and getting out of town even if its just 1 night and 2 days.
And its not too far from us either so not that much travel time. I plan on taking alot of pics.
And, tomorrow night my friend and I are going to see my Fave Football team, the Titans, play a pre-season game. They are playing Greenbay Packers!
So, finally I get to have a fun week-end for a change! I hope every one is having a great week so far! To my friends in Cali,,thinking about you all and hoping the fires die out soon!



jet1960 said...

Go have fun! It is nice to get away once and awhile to relax and take your mind off everyday life stuff.

I'll have to check out that park for the day when we get to go camping more than we do now(and farther away). Thinking positive thoughts that the day WILL come!

Janet said...

Sounds like fun!! You deserve it.

PS - HB was looking at a house in Paris, TN recently!!

Kathy N said...

I was in Paris just a couple of weeks ago....Paris, Texas that is. :P

Rosa said...

Good for you!!!I know you will have a great time!! xo

Naturegirl said...

Oh got me on this one!!
I was in Paris France last year and would have given you many tips on what to pack and where to what a differnece a year made for me!!
I love your heart and the words of encouragement that you leave for me as I am on my healing journey! I am feeling fine after my 2nd round of chemo...4 more!! YaH!! :) hugs anna
Oh almost forgot...Happy trails to you have FUN!! :)

Jeanie said...

Beth is going to Paris! Hooray! (A little Eiffel tower is better than none at all!)

Hope you had a grand time!