Saturday, October 03, 2009

Have a Lovely Fall Week-end!


Rosa said...

This is so pretty. How are you feeling? I am up and atem' regardless. Still feeling weak but hey, I've been down for three days now! Enough! I finally got my bills out (late!) and trying to get the house straightened up. The hub is in London. Booo hiss on him! Hope you're better. xoxo

Shopgirl said...

Your in the fall mood! Lovely!
I am trying to catch up as usual.
Working on Bazaar still, will I ever finish??? Big Hugs, Mary

Cat said...

This is lovely! You're picture of the road thru the yellow leaves is great too! Fall is the prettiest time of year!

Have a good week.

Jeanie said...

Well, my dear -- this is a stunner! Gorgeous, fallish and terribly creative!

Shopgirl said...

Beth, Thank you for coming and reading my little story. I think it is great that we have a history in cotton. We all have stories, and they are so good to hear.
And yes, I am peddling too. I would love to support you and that would help me too. I am behind today. I worked all day in my craft room again. We are doing a little project. You do not know how much stuff you have until you move it around. I threw away some stuff that was of no use to anyone. Tomorrow I will be peddling again.
Love you Sweet Beth, Mary