Monday, September 21, 2009

Week-end Fun and pretty sunsets.

The picture above was from last night's sunset. Its not so great as I took it with my cell phone. I took some better pics with my cameras too but I am at work and can't load them from here. The sky was breathtaking. We had just had about an hours worth of storms. We have had 8 inches of rain in the past week and a half. The norm for us in September is usually 2 inches, if that. And we are suppose to have more rain this week too. Also it is very humid here and it sure doesn't feel like Fall. I am so ready for cooler temps and being able to open my windows. The heat isn't bad right now its the darn humidity that makes so uncomfortable.
But anyhoo,,,I did have a wonderful week-end, except I wasn't happy yesterday when my Football team, the Titans lost to the Texans,,not good.
On Saturday, my dear sweet friend, Rosemary, came over to play artsy stuff with Mom and I.

We had so much fun. She brought so many goodies to eat,,some yummy Mexican layered dip, and some heavenly Chex mix(very addicting). She also brought some paper mache pumpkins that we painted and then used some amazing wax that she brought to antique them with. She gave me a can of it and I played with it some yesterday morning. I promise to post some pics of our fun this week and all the fun things we made. She also brought me some charms that she had made and I LOVE them!!! Thanks Sweet Rosie! And we promised that we are getting together at least once a month from now, thats not a hard promise to make. We have to much fun when we get together!
I hope every one had a wonderful week-end and I hope you have a Great Week ahead.


Jeanie said...

Can't wait to see photos of your art day! We're due for rain this week, too -- after three weeks of flawless weather, I guess I can't complain!

Rosa said...

It was so much fun Beth! I love my doll and my square that you gave me and all the fall goodies!! I have my pumpkins out in the kitchen and think of you when I see the new one. Yes, we have to keep the once-a-month thing going!! Sorry about the Titans. I watched part of it over at mom's. They were winning until I started watching. TOLD YOU! So solly. loveya girl! xoxo

jet1960 said...

We are about to get washed away here in northern Alabama. Think it has been raining for 3 weeks on and off. Can't wait to see pics of your art goodies.

Shopgirl said...

Don't forget to share all your the picture. It's Fall!!! Big hugs, Mary

Annie said...

Love that picture. Very sepia and otherworldly.

Paper mache pumpkins! Cool. I would like to see a picture.

How's the rain treating you in your part of the world. You haven't said too much about it so I'm thinking it's not too bad in your part of TN?