Monday, September 14, 2009

A tree filled week-end.

Yes we had an exciting week-end in our neighborhood. My brother(above) rented a boom lift for the week-end and most all of the neighbors needed trees cut down and trimmed. It was so cool how we all joined in together, even the kids, and helped each other cut trees. It was like being back in the old days when every one came together for barn raisings. Now our street is lined with tree limbs for the city chipper truck to come and pick up for mulch. Here's a few more pics of the tree cutting adventure.
Thats my silly hub up in the lift, you know the guys had fun with this big toy!
Tree limbs trimmed in the front of my house. Now I get a little more light into the Art room too. I hope every one is doing ok and had a great week-end. I will try to post some artsy stuff sometime this week.


jet1960 said...

Looks like they were enjoying the tool time. Nothing like operating heavy equipment, I guess, though it would scare me to death. I'm scared heights.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Rosa said...

Awww, to live in a neighborhood with real trees. But the mess? I can do without. You all are just such good folks. Just the way it should be. One helping one and passing it on. Love you so much. xo

Jeanie said...

Wow -- beautiful trees. Wat an adventure! You're right about the barn raising!

PEA said...

Men and their toys! hehe I think it's wonderful you all got together to help each other out cutting those trees. These days neighbours tend to keep to themselves and there's no helping out with anything...such a shame! Glad the job got all done with no one getting hurt:-) Love ya! xoxox