Monday, September 07, 2009

Fun Labor Day Holiday

My fun started on Thursday afternoon. My friend, Ginny and I headed downtown to the Titan's stadium to do a little tailgating before the game. Some friends of hers bought a old school bus and really Titanized it.

This friendly guy was the greeter and would do a little jig when any one walked by the bus!

And check out the spread of food they had! Titan's fans definetly know how to Tailgate!

It was a great game too as the Titans won! It was a beautiful night with the moon being almost full too!
The next day we started out on our trip to "Land Between the Lakes". It was a beautiful day and we took the back roads all the way there. Our first stop was to check out the Bison prairie.

After that we rode around the park. Its really beautiful there and completely out in the wilderness. I will post more of my trip tomorrow or sometime this week. We went to tour a Homeplace that is a replica of how settlers lived in the 1850s. It was so neat.
I hope every one has had a wonderful Labor Day week-end!


jet1960 said...

So glad you had a good time and that your team won! That always helps!

Jeanie said...

Football season. Titan Time. Beth is happy! Glad you won, too!

Janet said...

I'm glad your team won!! I always think of you when I see anything about the Titans. Love your buffalo photos. We have a buffalo farm not too far from us. They're such magnificent creatures.

Cat said...

Big smiles all around!

Aileen said...

Great Bison pictures Beth! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments *smile* so happy to hear that you and your mom are enjoying the Color Mists so much!

Happy Creating!