Sunday, September 07, 2008

My new and Shiny "Little Red"!

After such a very long year of many difficulties I was rewarded for all the trials and worries this week-end. My car, which was 9 years old and had 141 thousand miles on it, was beginning to start dying on me. Since I drive a total of 70 miles to work and back I didn't feel safe in the Mercury any more. So Daniel and I took off work and friday and went car shopping. Well actually we only went to one car lot because I knew exactly what I wanted and had spotted it on the Nissan website the day before.
She is the prettiest little red Nissan Versa and I had fallen hard for her.
So after spending a few hours at the dealership, she became mine and we drove her home, leaving the old Mercury with the dealership.
She gets excellent gas mileage and drives like a dream. And I am in heaven. No more worrying that I will be stranded on the highway any more thanks to my "Little Red".
Here are a few more pictures of her.

She also has tinted windows but they were rolled down in the pictures. She is a 2007 model and just had a few thousand miles on her. I call her "Little Red" and I think it looks like a girly.
I have to go out and sit in her alot and just admire her. She has a hatchback and the back seats fold down so I can do a lot of flea market and yard sales and have a way to haul it home.
I have a wonderful hubby who helped make all this happen for me.
Yesterday was such a wonderful Fall day! The temps were in the upper 70s and just felt wonderful. Last night it got down to the upper 50s,,brrrrr.
Mom came over yesterday afternoon and we do some artsy stuff. Here's a picture of her in my art studio. We had so much fun!

It truly has been a excellent week-end!
Hope every one has also had a great week-end too.


Janet said...

Yay, Beth!! Little Red is so cute! She reminds me of my Rhonda, my '90 Honda Civic hatchback with 172,000 miles on her!! I still drive her almost every day. We have a nicer car but I like my Honda. You will love the hatchback. It holds a lot of stuff!!

Happy cruisin'!!

Rosa said...

Good for you Beth! There's nothing worse than having to worry about breaking down. Little Red is perfect! Love her! Can't wait to go for a ride!! You deserve it. Has your mom gone for a ride yet? YAY!! Can't wait to see ya this week!

jet1960 said...

Oh, Bethie, I love the car! It's very sporty and I love sports cars. I drove a red '94 Mustang for a long time. We traded it for my present car, a blue Mazda 6, which I really like, but I still miss the Mustang and the manual transmission ,believe it or not, and it's been over 4 years now. Nissan makes great cars. I'm so glad for you!

Good to see Ms. Lottie looking so spiffy. Your art room is so neat! Mine is almost always a mess!

Cat said...

Little Red is sexy cute! You must just beam while driving down the road.

Excellent idea to get a hatch back for all those vintage finds you haul home too!


Hi to your Mom.

And Annie sends her woof woofs to Lady too.

PEA said...

I'm just so thrilled for you:-) Little Red and you look soooo good together! hehe She really is a beauty and I can just imagine the fun you two will have driving around. I've always loved the red colour for cars.

Love the picture of your mom as well, she's looking good:-) How wonderful that you and she spend time making crafts together!! My mom used to do a lot of crafts but with the cataracts, she now has too hard of a time to see well enough. xoxo

Jeanie said...

Hooray! What a cutie! You are gonna love it! I have to have $1,300 repair work done on my car, so looking at your new wheels has me both "red" with envy and filled with joy at finally having something good come your way!

JessInFocus said...

Oh Little Red is so cute! You deserve her. Your mom looks great.

I hope to be back in blogland for good sometime this week.

Shopgirl said...

I love "Little red" she is so cute, I sound just like Janet...
A little advice...police love to give tickets to red least that is what I have heard.
I am so happy for you. You needed a pick me up....ZOOOOOM! ZOOOOOOM!
And your Mother looks so cute!!!
Hugs, Mary