Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm Back and ready to roll! New art too!

Yay! I am back in the saddle again. Hubby and I went out and got a new PC friday afternoon.
I LOVE IT. Of course I really wanted a laptop but we settled for a new desktop and maybe by Christmas I will get a laptop. But wow, this one is alot faster than the other one. I just wish all my old stuff was on it. Daniel worked all day on it yesterday getting alot of our programs back on it. Of course this new one has Windows Vista which I thought would be hard but its really not much difference as XP just a few more bells and whistles. But naturally it didn't like our Cannon printer so we had to get new drivers for it on line. And it didn't like my old version of Paint shop Pro so I am using a trial version until I can get the newest version. But I am just thrilled to be back on line.
I have been working on quite a few swaps lately. And most of them are fall and halloween themed as I wrote about earlier in the week. I have some more to work on today and tomorrow and then I should be caught up. Below are pictures of my Vintage Halloween Postcard Swap.

I am also in a Vintage Halloween Chunky page swap. These are the pictures of them below.

Next pictures are from a "Fall themed chunky pages" swap.

I don't know why but I always LOVE doing Fall and Halloween art. I guess its because Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.

I do want to say that my Prayers and Thoughts are with all people in the Gulf states today. From Mobile, Alabama to Texas. And espiecally the people in New Orleans. Gustav is the last thing they need right now. But they do seem more prepared this time around. I hope Gus slows down and doesn't hit them as hard as they are predicting.
I also want to Thank all my friends who sent me wonderful messages when my old computer died. I am still going to try to retrieve some of my data from my old hard drive.
Hope every one has a wonderful Holiday Week-end.


JessInFocus said...

Wonderful art work, Beth. So glad you are up and running again!

PEA said...

Woohoo, so glad to hear that you've gotten yourself a new computer:-) I'd be soooo lost without mine! I'm not afraid to admit it, I'm addicted to my computer!! lol I can well imagine how much you're loving this new one:-)

Omigosh, Beth, look at all those cards you made...they're absolutely gorgeous!!! I love vintage Halloween and Fall images as well and you really did a beautiful job on all of them. Your swap partners are just going to love them!!

Take care of YOU! xoxo

CattyCat said...

Halloween already huh? Glad to see you doing great art again. Glad the diasaster was "puters". So much better than "someone". Know what I mean?

Thanks for being the first to post on my new blog. I think it is going to be so much fun.


Jeanie said...

I'm thinking of our hurricane-threatened friends, too. So very glad you have a new computer and can check in -- the new art is absolutely gorgeous. You have been on a roll -- is this what happens when you can't blog? It's terrific!

jet1960 said...

Maybe I need to turn my computer off, so I will get more done. Your new art is beautiful! Glad you are back online!

Annie said...

Hi Beth. Love the Halloween art. Hope you are showing these off at Yahoo because a couple of these little babies need to go on the front page.

Rosa said...

Yay! Now, have you backed up today??? I am so happy for you Beth! There is hardly nothing better than a fast new computer!! Love all your cards. Guess what I did today? I cleaned my desk off! I may be back in business! I'm thinking about doing so ATCs. Thought of you when I went to a scrapbooking store in Gulf Shores. Ya wanna get together this week, gf? loveya! xo

Janet said...

It's so good to see lots of your art again. And WooHoo....a new computer!! You're really back!!

Flower said...

It's good to hear you have gotten back to what you love! My computer wouldn't open up in Explorer I just unplugged it and plugged it back in, turned it on, and it worked! I wonder what makes these things happen!! Anyway..happy new computer and Vista!!
The cards are really nice!!

robinbird said...

there is almost nothing more exciting than having a new computer. good news! the new art is great beth! i especially like that fall tweety bird.

CattyCat said...

And now I know what the Vintage Halloween Postcards are for.

Cat said...

Yahoo, Glad to hear of the new PC! Now don't let any of those nasty storms zap you again!!!

Don't you just love Autumn Art! You have quite a showing here!

Arf arf to Lady!

Hugs, Cat