Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Red and I are MAD!!!!!

So yes,,we are kind of upset right now.Yesterday, the first day that I drove her to work guess what happenned? No,,not a wreck, but on the way home she got a flat tire. Lovely,,hmmm, so I have to get off the interstate and she limped into the service station right off the exit. And you know I was like,,,uh,,how do I get that little donut thingy tire thingy on my sweet Red? This is where Hubbys come in handy. But I sure did dread calling and saying "hey sweetie,,guess what?"
Uh yes,,you know how it is, don't ya? And then "what? on the first day you drove it to work?"
And then me "uh, yes, it wasn't my fault that the big semi truck sped up and wouldn't let me get on the interstate so I had to ride on the side a little till he passed me and so I probably picked up a nail or something" Then him "ok,,I will be right there",,,the knight to the rescue. And I did watch him jack up the car and take off the tire and put the little spare on it, so I am confident that I can handle it the next time.
Hubby says he doesn't want me driving all the way home on the little donut tire so we head over to Sears to get a new one. We get to Sears and they tells us "oh, we don't have any thing but the $81 one over there to fit it. Excuse me,,did you say $81 for one damn tire? Pluhhhhheezeee. But Daddy Bear says "go ahead and put it on". So the guy looks at the old tire and then the other tires on little Red and says "you mean you just bought that car from a dealer and they sold it to you with these tires on it? These tires have very little tread on them, you should call them and Bitch about them" So, I call the dealer only to be told that "our inspector that inspects all our cars before we re-sell them said that the tires were ok so we can't do any thing to help you". Now, I wasn't very happy. But Daddy Bear said to just forget because they knocked alot off the car and gave quite a bit for the old clunker. But still,,,that just ain't right.
I could have had a front one blow out and Red and I could have crashed and burned. Hmmmph
So this friday I am going to go get 3 more new tires for it so I will feel alot safer. I got something from Sears saying the tread was bad and I am going to get something from Firestone saying the same thing. Then I am going to mail them to the Nissan corporation and tell them what the dealership did. They might do something,,,who knows. Hmmmm, and I thought that Dealership was a pretty fair one, little do you know. So,,,lesson learned,,,make sure you check out the tires really well on used cars. But I still Love my "little Red",,,no matter if her tires are bad,,she's going to get some new shoes on friday!

Hope everyone is having a great week!



JessInFocus said...

2 words... Dealerships suck! Yup I said it. No matter what brand it is they suck (ok most do). When we bought mine it was my first experience buying from someone that wasn't family. It was aweful. Before it was over with I told them that they would "never see my car again!" I now go to a specific dealer that my brother used to work for and when I buy another car it will be from them. Live and learn. I'm sorry you had a crappy experience too!

Rosa said...

I am so happy you didn't have a blow out! I hate car dealers! They did that to my son's car (although his was a 96 and OLD!), but still. They should at least tell you it needs new tires, that's what we said. Sending someone out with a "new" car and not tel them it's not safe. Poor you Beth. But, ya know, this HAS to be IT!! HAS TO BE!!!! xoxo

Flower said...

Nice new car...terrible flat tire!! I sure hope something good comes from this! It doesn't sound like the dealer gives you much!
I'll be back soon!

Mary Timme said...

The car looks sweet, but I can see why you and red are mad! Me too! I have to agree with Jess, that dealerships are really robbers in suits with a quick handshake!

Annie said...

Better to be safe. I like your solution. You may even get a partial refund. Good luck.

jet1960 said...

Ugh, Bethie, that would make me mad, too! Glad you weren't hurt, though! I hate that it's like that with car dealerships. They are like politicians in that you can't take anything they say for the truth!

Artsy said...

Oh dear!!! I guess after they make a sale..you're on your own. Geeze. I do like the car..really pretty. I love red. I hope your feeling better today. Did you get my email will all the links to brushes and graphics? I hope so. I worried that you might not have.

Thanks for hanging in there with me while I took a blog vacation.


CattyCat said...

you are so cute beth, and so is this new lil car of yours. Sorry bout the flat, but just sumpin we can't avoid at least 10 times in a life time. Ugh! Luckily they are spaced out.

Hope you guys aren't getting much of the residuals from Ike as he works his way inland.

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