Monday, September 22, 2008

Out of Gas!

Yes, this is what most of the gas stations in the South look like now. We have very few stations in our area that have gas and if they do its only regular and their lines look like this.
Since I live out of Nashville a little ways its not as bad. My gas station is ok but only has regular and thats ok because thats what Little Red uses. Mom and I were out this week-end in Nashville and were just so amazed at the lines at the stations that did have gas. People waited in lines for hours and some even ran out of gas while they were waiting. And there was alot of tempers that were flaring while they waited. We both said it reminded us of how it was in the 70s when there was a gas shortage. But the problem this time was from Hurricane Ike that shut down the refinerys last week-end. They are saying it will get better by the end of the week. I am paying $3.77 for regular out where I live but most places its $4.29 a gallon. My ride in to work this morning was really nice as most people are driving alot slower trying to conserve on their gas. But then you have a few speed demons that won't slow down for nothing.
I hope everyone had a wonderful week-end. We are having Indian summer right now and the temps are back into the mid-80s, doesn't feel like the first day of Fall thats for sure.


JessInFocus said...
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JessInFocus said...

What makes me mad is CNN making it sound like we are all a bunch of idiots that brought it on ourselves because of a "rumor". That "rumor" was the wonderful media! Since when can 25% of what is normally sent out be enough and yes there are some gas stations that are having a lot more business than usual, but there are 10 nearby that are closed. Yes there were some people filling up cans, but it was probably to save a friend stuck on the side of the road somewhere.

I got gas Saturday morning becuase I was on E, didn't even have to wait in line (of course it was 6:30 in the morning... had to feed my horses!). All 5 of the stations at my exit were out Friday night 2 got some regular gas that night then by 2:30pm on Saturday they were all out again, but there are several that had some this morning(that is about 20 minutes outside of Nashville).

Jeanie said...

There are good things to be said about expensive gas, as you mentioned, in terms of slower drivers and more pleasant commutes, but it's really a pinch. I don't know what's happening to you this week, but ours spiked last week to $4.25 and was $3.81 today. Go figure. I've noticed lots of stations closing inmy area.

Rosa said...

crazy times beth! scary stuff. xo

jet1960 said...

We've not had it hit our immediate area yet, though hubby says the station we buy gas at is out of the super unleaded. Emily's husband is from Heflin, out on I-20 near Mt. Cheaha. He talked to his parents and they were running short on all gas starting the end of last week into the weekend. Police were having to direct traffic around service stations. This is a small town type area. So far so good here in Cullman County.

Shopgirl said...

Like most American's...I am often glued to the news and the news is not good. We have all be touched by the mistakes of those that tell us they know how to run this country we far I am disappointed in the leadership of our America...they don't seem to believe they are working for us...what a thought.
Signed, Hopeful Mary