Sunday, September 14, 2008

Windy Sunday and Bird house!

Hurricane Ike swept by here today. We had some pretty strong winds and a few showers but nothing like they had in Texas. Its been a nice day to relax and do some art and watch my favorite Football team, The Tennessee Titans win against the Bills.
I have been wanting to show one of my favorite thrift store finds ever.
I got this at my favorite thrift store, Yesterdays Treasures which is here in our town.
I also got the picture behind it that says "Bless Our Nest" as my kitchen and dining room is all bird themed. Here is another close up of it.

I have it in the corner of the kitchen on a old antique table but it didn't show up good in the picture so I put it on my kitchen table. I only paid $15 for it. I believe I was with my girlfriend Rosie when I bought it. She is going to come out here soon and we are going back to that store for sure. But next week we are going to go through some thrift stores across the street from where I work. Can't wait to see her!
I hope every one has had a good week-end. And my prayers have been with every one in Texas and Louisanna who have had to endure Ike.


Rosa said...

That looks so good there! Beth!! I can't wait to see you either!! I thought of you today on Natchez Trace. We finally drove on it! (Just for a little bit.) The teenager's room's conquered!! Yay!! xo

JessInFocus said...

How cool! That is an excellent find!

CattyCat said...

My question would be: What are you going to put inside it? I've seen people little mini-ivys in them and train them around. They look really pretty that way and you have to open the lil door to water it. Kinda like having a pet inside. Fun Fun.

Glad that Ike only treated you to some minor winds. Been wondering what you'd get.

Flower said...

What a wonderful bird house!! Is it red? Looks like it but I'm not sure. Have fun when Rosa comes to visit!!
We are glad to hear the winds have died down!!

jet1960 said...

That was a great buy, especially since you use bird-themed objects! Love it! Hope you and Rosie have a great time thrifting. Wish I lived a little closer.

Jeanie said...

The bird cage is fabulous. I want to play with you and Rosie... Wah.