Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday's fun to a busy week!

Sunday I was fortunate to get to go see my favorite Pro Football team, the Titans, play some great football. It was a beautiful day for sitting in the stadium and watching some great action.
My best friend Ginny has season tickets and always takes me to at least one game each year if not more.
We have to park in downtown Nashville and walk across the river to the stadium. I had to take some pictures of the view.
Below is a picture of LP Field, home to our Great Titans. It sits right on the river bank of the Cumberland River.

Below is looking back across the river at downtown Nashville.
Next picture is of the mass of Titan's fans headed into the stadium.
Next is our great players coming out on to the field, ready to play some awesome football.

And our pretty cheerleaders ready to cheer them to a Victory.
Some more great shots of the players and the scoreboard. The scoreboard picture is taken at the beginning of the game so there are not points on it yet.

Below is a picture of Ginny and I in the stands having a fun time.

On the way back to the car after the game, we walked past our newly renovated court house and I had to take some pictures of it and the pretty mirror pools that surround it.

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon. Oh and Yes, we won 30-17. We beat the Minnesota Vikings. The Titans are now 4 and 0, meaning we haven't lost a game this season. GO TITANS!
I hope every one had a great week-end.
This week is a busy one for me at work as we have registration again for our 2nd semester of the fall. Tomorrow I go on a interview for a new position that I have applied for. I like where I am now but the new position will be great too and also a little more money! More about that in a later post. Wish me Luck.


jet1960 said...

Good luck on your interview! Can't wait to hear more details. Just wanted to let you know I've not forgotten about getting the 4x4 pages for your swap in the mail. When I'm working 12 hour shifts, I'm not too inspired in between, so I've not yet got everything finished that I want to. I'll be off starting tomorrow, so hopefully will have it on it's way to you by the weekend. Enjoyed looking at your football pictures.

Jeanie said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! Great photos, too!

Good luck, my friend! More later?

Cat said...

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PEA said...

I so enjoyed looking at the pictures and wow, look at all those fans in the stadium!! Glad to hear you had such a fun day and that your team won:-) I'm not a football fan and have never watched a game...do you still like me anyway??? hehe Love the Nashville skyline...wish I could see it all in person:-) Good luck with the job interview!! xoxo